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2012 mall fact-finding digital data

Last update date February 18, 2019

Mall fact-finding digital data

[type of mall]
Please wear number 0 to one thing to think to correspond about type of your question 1 mall.

[organization form of mall]
Please wear number 0 to one applicable thing about organization form of your question 2 mall.

[future corporation in case of any group intention of becoming]
In the case of Question 2 -2 option group, will intention of becoming have corporation in future?

[membership of mall]
How many people are there in membership of your question 3 mall?

[having store or not not to join]
Is store not to join in Question 4 mall area? In some cases, please fill in the number of the stores and the reason.

[type of industry, business style) in constitution store (mall of mall]
As of Question 5, please fill in the number of stores constituting your mall for each type of industry, business style.

[type of industry that is short at mall]
As of Question 6, what is type of industry, business style feeling that we are short in your mall?
Choose applicable thing to three from Question 5 (please fill in number in).
※When type of industry except choice of Question 5 is short; the type of industry name,
When there is not short type of industry, "you do", and please fill in "we do not know" when short type of industry is unidentified.

[ratio among regular members of stores with manager 65 years or over]
In store constituting your question 7 mall, how many stores 65 years or older is manager?
※It is good as far as we know.

[having parking lot or not for visitor]
Is there parking lot for visit visitor at your question 8 mall?

[the management main constituent of parking lot for visitor]
When there is Question 8 -2, is the management thing by whom?

[activity contents of mall]
Please wear number 0 to all the applicable things about contents of mall activity of your question 9 mall.

[activity thinking that you should work in future]
About activity thinking that your Question 9 -2 mall should work in future, we prefer applicable thing to Question 9 to three (please fill in number in).
In addition, if there are any things which we have already examined for conduct in activity thinking that you should work,
Of the lower berth of number that filled in (please wear number 0 in).

[the increase and decrease of member participating in mall activity in these 3 years]
Did members who participated in mall activity in three years in Question 10 these days increase?

[trouble of mall]
As of Question 11, what kind of trouble is there at your mall? You choose applicable thing to three, and please wear number 0.

[the number of the vacant stores of mall]
What store is vacant store in your question 12 mall? (when there is not, please fill in 0 (zero))
※It is ... with vacant store
In building used located at the first-floor part of main building of mall before as store by business closing, move now in vacant store
It becomes. When it becomes parking lot, the public house, vacant land, it is excluded. (we use temporarily as garage or storeroom until the next user appears
Thing wearing includes.)

[the situation of vacant store]
When there is Question 13 vacant store, please fill out about the situation of each vacant store.

[conduct of door-to-door parcel delivery service or business trip sale]
Do you sell door-to-door parcel delivery service or business trip at your question 14 mall? Please wear number 0 to applicable thing.

[intention of continuation when we carry out]
We ask person who said 1-3 with Question 14 -2 14. How do you think about continuation of the service?

[future conduct when we do not carry out is]
We ask "we carry out neither" about 4 with Question 14 -3 14. Is there intention to want to start door-to-door parcel delivery service and business trip sale in the future?

[reason that we do not carry out]
We ask "we carry out neither" about 4 with Question 14 -4 14. What is reason not to carry out door-to-door parcel delivery service and business trip sale?
Please wear number 0 to all the applicable things.

[view on economy of mall in comparison with last year]
 Is it felt that how economy of your current mall turned out in comparison with Question 15 last year?

[presence of office worker of mall working full time]
Is there office worker of working full time at your question 16 mall?

[a feeling of burden of desk work work when there is not office worker of working full time]
When there is not Question 16 -2, do you feel that burden of desk work work (material making of meeting, material distribution) is big?

[the income and expenditure of mall]
About incoming and outgoing of your question 17 mall, please fill in three big things of ratio to occupy by financial statements of 2011.

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