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Yokohama-shi table of economical statistics

Last update date April 16, 2019

 Yokohama-shi table of economical statistics gathered up business between industry of fortune, service in a certain Yokohama-shi that was performed a year in one table, and principle five years are made as period and are utilized in calculation, analysis of economic ripple effect accompanied with analysis of economic structure of the area concerned, various events or facility construction. In Yokohama-shi, we make eight times from 50, Showa chronological table to 23, Heisei chronological table.               

23, Heisei chronological table

13 branches

37 branches (unification macrotaxonomy)108 branches (classification during unification)190 branches (unification subdivision kind)
Producer price evaluation listExcel format (Excel: 161KB)Excel format (Excel: 155KB)Excel format (Excel: 178KB)Excel format (Excel: 233KB)

Injection coefficient list

Excel format (Excel: 150KB)Excel format (Excel: 136KB)Excel format (Excel: 210KB)Excel format (Excel: 301KB)
Inverse matrix coefficient list (opening type)Excel format (Excel: 147KB)Excel format (Excel: 182KB)Excel format (Excel: 322KB)Excel format (Excel: 512KB)
Inverse matrix coefficient list (the closure type)Excel format (Excel: 147KB)Excel format (Excel: 182KB)Excel format (Excel: 293KB)Excel format (Excel: 537KB)

The employment list

Excel format (Excel: 15KB)Excel format (Excel: 20KB)Excel format (Excel: 30KB)  
Section classification list                Excel format (Excel: 27KB)

Guide of economic ripple effect analysis tool and the use

Economic ripple effect analysis tool (Excel: 874KB)
It is tool which can estimate economic spin-off produced for a certain period of time by economic activities of (one year, calendar year) easily.                           ※Please deal with estimate result provided using this tool in the responsibility of user.

Guide (PDF: 881KB) of the use
We publish assembly operation when we calculate commentary of term used in analysis tool and economic ripple effect.                             ※Please refer to guide of the use for notice matter in economic ripple effect analysis.

Past table of economical statistics

About past table of economical statistics, please see from the following URLs.               (the outside site)

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