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Under vacant store article offer of mall

Last update date January 28, 2019

Condition of registration store

It is located in area of mall in Yokohama-shi and, at store where commercial activity is not performed more than three months while being in the situation that we can lease as store, corresponds to all each issue of next.
(1) The first floor of building facing main road of the mall concerned or passage or the second-floor store
※When we cannot confirm business state from main road of the mall concerned or passage in the case of the second-floor store, we are excluded.
(2) It is not tenant type stores such as department store, station building of large commercial facilities
※When you hesitate about judgment, please feel free to contact.

Flow of registration

Please provide information of vacant store article considered to meet condition of registration store to commercial promotion section.
After having had you provide, we confirm whether the article concerned meets condition of registration store in commercial promotion section.
When you meet condition, for target Store Association, you perform intention confirmation of registration store application, and please do registration application from Store Association.

When it becomes registration store

It becomes easy to catch eye of person thinking about branch to mall.
There are some subsidy programs for person opened at registration store.
(as application is option of opened person, we do not narrow entering condition.)
List of registration stores

Method of reporting

Method of reporting
Classification Offer method
In the case of FAX You put brain paper (PDF: 58KB), and please send.
Fax number: 045-664-9533
In the case of E-mail Title About registration store reporting
The text: Contact information of origin of introduction
Destination address: [email protected]
In the case of mall group After checking mall vacant store registration page, please submit application.

Attached documents: As for the location, the location floor, offer start time, the drawing, it is article information documents

Utilize system of vacant store; and founding toward the thought

  • About entering to registration store, please talk with broker who had you give information.
  • When you utilize system and are founded, please exchange memorandum of being activated of mall by predetermined style between Store Association together.

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Economic Affairs Bureau civic economic Labor Relations Division commerce promotion section

Telephone: 045-671-3838

Telephone: 045-671-3838

Fax: 045-664-9533

E-Mail address [email protected]

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