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Approach of hygiene measures in mall

We introduce hygiene measures and approach example in mall for new coronavirus infectious disease.

Last update date April 27, 2020

Hygiene measures of mall (to all of you of mall)

For prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, basic prophylaxis is effective.

In the mall, please carry out "brisk hand-washing, gargle, disinfection" "mask wearing, cough etiquette" "thing that 3 dense o avoids".

Please refer to the following for measures at each store.

Infectious disease measures at the accommodations (A4 both sides flyer) (PDF: 919KB)

About "3 dense" (sealing, crowd, closeness)

For prevention of infectious disease, please avoid following "3 is dense".

①Let's rouse diligently not to make "sealing" space.
  Let's do every hour 2 or more ventilation to be able to do flow of wind when there is window.

②Let's take a person's distance with people not to make "crowd".
  Let's take enough distance (2 meters or more) to stretch out hand with other people each other, and not to arrive.

③Let's avoid conversation and utterance that we made "close".
  We keep enough distance by conversation in meeting because we do not take in spray including virus, and let's wear mask.

Guide (PDF: 1,394KB) to avoid three dense o

Main approach example of the city mall

・For member store, we call for enforcement of hand-washing gargle.

・For prevention of infection spread, we carry out sterilization washing with alcohol liquid and sodium hypochlorite thoroughly.

・We make flyer promoting hygiene management and call for notice at each store.

・For employees of member store, we show around consultation desk of disinfection method and the local government of facility.

・We distribute alcohol and mask which we purchased at mall to member stores to inflect for at the time of waiting on customers. nado

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