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Registration store NO.31005 (Seto, Kanazawa-ku)

Last update date October 16, 2019

Store details 1

  • The nearest station: Keikyu Main Line "Kanazawahakkei" station, seaside line "Kanazawahakkei" 1-minute walk
  • The location: Seto, Kanazawa-ku 16-1
  • Store area: 99.03 square meters
  • The building year: 2019
  • Wage charges: 540,000 yen (tax-excluded)
  • Management fee: 18,000 yen a month
  • Deposit: For wage charges six months
  • Desired type of industry: Eating and drinking, product sales, service, others
  • Reference: Usui home Kanazawabunko store (Phone: 045-788-1800)

Store details 2

  • Building structure: Steel-frame building
  • Number of floors: 3-story the second floor
  • Facilities: City gas, water and sewage
  • Remarks: When the present situation is different from drawing, it is given priority to the present situation, and osodan, health medical institution are impossible, and juinshoku still hopes for shop so that elderly person takes advantage of (from 10:00 to 16:00) in the daytime if it is possible for condition to be open.

Mall summary

  • The mall name: Business cooperative association Kanazawahakkei Kyoueikai
  • The number of the stores: 46 stores
  • Membership fee: 3,500 yen a month

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