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Registration store No. 31001 (Namiki, Kanazawa-ku) resident was selected

Last update date December 26, 2019

Store details 1

  • The nearest station: Keikyu Line "Keikyu-Tomioka Station" 10-minute walk, seaside line "Namiki-Kita Station" 6-minute walk
  • The location: 1-17, Namiki, Kanazawa-ku (6-5)
  • Store area: 56.19 square meters
  • The building year: 1980
  • Wage charges: 128,692 yen
  • Utility fee: 9,000 yen a month
  • Security deposit: For wage charges six months
  • Desired type of industry: Eating and drinking, product sales, service, others
  • Reference:Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation (the outside site)(Phone: 045-451-7780)

Store details 2

  • Building structure: Steel reinforced concrete construction
  • Number of floors: 1-story the first floor
  • Facilities: City gas, water and sewage, electricity
  • Remarks: When the present situation is different from drawing, it is given priority to the present situation

Mall summary

  • The mall name: Kanazawa center seaside well-known store society
  • The number of the stores: 29 stores
  • Membership fee: 10,500 yen a month

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