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Mall vacant store registration

Last update date March 4, 2019

With mall vacant store registration

It is system to register information of vacant store with after having grasped type of industry to meet needs of the mall when we work on vacant store measures while mall gets understanding such as vacant store owners.
We publish the opening of business for considered, and vacant store in mall recruits registered stores widely. (Mall store invitation business

Store which we can register

It is located in area of mall in Yokohama-shi and, at store where commercial activity is not performed more than three months while being in the situation that we can lease as store, corresponds to all each issue of next.
(1) The first floor of building facing main road of the mall concerned or passage or the second-floor store
※When we cannot confirm business state from main road of the mall concerned or passage among the second-floor stores, we are excluded.
(2) It is not tenant type stores such as department store, station building of large commercial facilities

Flow until registration

That we can apply for

Mall group

Flow of application

1.We do the agreement formation to work on vacant store measures as mall and grasp necessary types of industry as mall.
2.We confirm whether there is intention to lend owner of vacant store store.
3.When we can confirm when there is intention to lend owner, we submit mall vacant store information registration application to Yokohama-shi.
  Mall vacant store registration application (word: 25KB) (the first style)
※We confirmed contents in Yokohama-shi and register and publish in list of registration stores. As we may not register, please understand beforehand.


Please manage information that had you provide in the mall.
When you delete when there is vacant store contents change, please submit registration form such as mall vacant store registration contents changes to Yokohama-shi immediately.
Registration form (word: 18KB) such as mall vacant store registration contents changes (No. 3 style)
We will ask for local guidance of person to want to run business at registration store at any time.

Toward mall group

Please submit mall store invitation business incentive wages grant application (word: 20KB) (the first style) at the time of vacant store registration application.
※Store Association which caught grant of subsidy based on mall store invitation business subsidy grant summary is excluded.
Yokohama-shi mall store invitation business incentive wages grant summary (PDF: 92KB)

List of registration stores

It promotes new branch to mall working on vacant store measures positively by making support when we utilize registration store utmost in the mall vacant store utilization business.
List of registration stores

Utilize system of vacant store; and founding toward the thought

When you utilize this system and are founded, please exchange memorandum of performing mall activation together between mall by appointed style.

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