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Eiji Yamashita (cook (Japanese food))

Last update date February 20, 2020

Eiji Yamashita(yamashitaeiji)
Cook (Japanese food)

The 2019 choice (the 24th)
Naka Ward residence

  • We are from Yokohama-shi in 1970
  • 1995 Bairin entering a company
  • Company Representative Director Umebayashi
  • Director Managing Director Yokohama gas fatty tuna chisel meeting
  • We successively hold examination committee members of parent and child cooking contest Kanagawa Games of the whole country

We want to cook specialty of Yokohama in cooperation with producer

"In late years Yamashita saying, we want to spread Japanese food that Yokohama is felt while cooperating with producer as very good things increase as for the ingredients of Yokohama" says that dishes of Yokohama are completed by making use of ingredients which local producer brought up carefully to the maximum.

Yamashita thinking "customer has important thing most in cooking, and can we be pleased?" cooks while being conscious of face of which always eats dishes whether you are satisfied by imagining, and cooking ingredients how.

We perform activity to convey promotion of local production for local consumption, food culture of Yokohama including food education activity in elementary and junior high school as Yokohama gas fatty tuna chisel meeting other than demonstration of dishes using Yokohama vegetables positively in producer of Yokohama-shi and exchange meeting of restaurant.

The skill of Meister

On the day we take seasonal ingredients which we stocked in front of the customer and we use technique to cook without waste by cooking method most suitable for ingredients with living and, in "Bairin course of Hama" that is shop sign menu, have high skill afterwards.

In addition, "plum sushi" or "steamed rice dishes" work on development of new product eagerly, and sale on department store and the Internet is dealt with, too.


After having experienced the lower processing, taking care of footwear, stocking assistance of vegetables as help, part-time job of business with Bairin of the parents' house, we study in good luck star of Ningyocho for three years.

Afterwards, we enter Bairin and take office as chef, storekeeper in 1998 and take office as representative director in 2010.

Main receiving a prize career

  • Prize for 2008 Yokohama sightseeing convention bureau special service
  • The 2014 minister of state Prize
  • Letter of thanks receiving a prize from 2017 The Mayor of Yokohama ※We win all as Yokohama gas fatty tuna chisel meeting

We can come across the skill of Meister here!

52, Yoshidamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi

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