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Shigeru Imahira Meister (cook (Western food))

Last update date January 22, 2020

Shigeru Imahira(imahirashigeru)
Cook (Western food)

The 2017 choice (the 22nd)
Naka Ward residence

  • It was born in 1957 and is from Yokohama-shi
  • 1981 bell sound "Yokohama Motomachi foghorn tower" entering a company
  • It is board member Yokohama Motomachi foghorn tower total chef
  • We successively hold Yokohama gas fatty tuna chisel meeting director, Yokohama-shi food education forum committee member

We send importance of meal in "Yokohama-style" from Yokohama

It "is France restaurant, foghorn tower that we use local ingredients, and show local taste. As both I and shop were born and raised in Yokohama, thought to want to make dishes to be able to make on seeing figure which great chefs of France used local ingredients for Imahira to tell, we pursue French cuisine only in Yokohama positively and local contributed to only in Yokohama that was own origin welled up.

One of the elements realizing Yokohama French has fresh ingredients from Yokohama that Imahira selected carefully. "Local history and culture want to taste taste like Yokohama carefully" saying when "spend time when is important, my dishes are over there, and want to continue making thing having please"; Imahira.

Imahira who sent pupil to Denver as official residence cook in March, 2017 talks about new dream saying "we want to bring up successor who can play an active part in the world from Yokohama".

It is worked on instruction in cook technical school and the local hospital diet supervision and performs activity to convey promotion of local production for local consumption, food culture of Yokohama including food education activity in elementary and junior high school as the center of Yokohama gas fatty tuna chisel meeting positively.

The skill of Meister

We go to visit production center by oneself and learn from producer and select carefully with reliable safe seasonal ingredients.

We express French cuisine for heart of the sum and propose "Yokohama French" having you taste.

We use vinegar and vegetable oil, vegetables for sauce abundantly, and, as for the dishes which make use of taste of material to the maximum, and make, and were given, it is dishes which we can enjoy with not only taste but also Gokan by polite recipe.

"Yokohama France curry" which we created by Hama curry project 2004 to aim at the town of Yokohama-shi revitalization with curry considered to be Yokohama origin is masterpiece which expressed attachment to Yokohama.


Yokohama birth.

Part-time job of cafe at the age of junior high student is a chance and aims at way of dishes.

After having learned food manufacturing in fisheries high school, we find work in restaurant in Tokyo.

We study under Masaji Yajima in Western-style restaurant of Nihonbashi and learn Western cooking.

Afterwards, we visit France and go round each places and receive the training and, besides duty, repeat studies.

We are engaged in restaurant administration as vice-chef from the beginning of foghorn tower opening.

We take office as total chef at the age of 35.

Main receiving a prize career

  • 2009 Chevallier do tasutovan receiving a prize (France)
  • 2014 academy bronze medal receiving a prize (association of nonprofit foundation all-Japan food service supervisor person)
  • 2014 minister of state Cabinet Office special mission minister commendation receiving a prize (we win as Yokohama gas fatty tuna chisel meeting)
  • Association of food service supervisor person total headquarters's chairperson Prize receiving a prize all-Japan in 2017

We can come across the skill of Meister here!

Yokohama Motomachi foghorn tower
2-96, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone: 045-681-2926

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