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Toshio Tanaka Meister (housing part production)

Last update date March 6, 2019

Toshio Tanaka(we assume Tanaka)
Housing part production

The 2015 choice (the 20th)
Kohoku Ward residence

  • It was born in 1939 and is from Yokohama-shi
  • 1954 Tanaka housing part shop entering a company
  • The first grade housing part certified technician, vocational training instructor, instrument work chief person for wood processing, all skill consecutive Meister
  • We successively hold Director Representative Kanagawa housing part collaboration association, association of housing part association society technology chairpersons of the whole country, Chairperson Kanagawa housing part certified technician fair, skill official approval committee member, skill Grand Prix competition committee member

We are the first in making good housing part

Saying "try only to make good work"; Tanaka.

Even if "appearance is good and is made well very as housing part is thing to operate every day, it is not usable as housing part if dimensions do not meet. Can make measuring dimensions, according to dimensions that you planned. You say, it is indication of good housing part whether that is made exactly.

Many works including screen that Tanaka said "to think that member of a group was the final aim since it was joiner" took in member of a group have been produced.

It was likely that we produced, and it was necessary to process in total and adjusted many star planes (plane) by oneself, and star plane (plane) which performed compute of member of a group has been improved.

Lecturer is acted as in manufacturing succession cram school of class and Kanagawa of the housing part association alliance society of the whole country when we want to tell technique of member of a group to young person while house comes to have few Japanese-style rooms.

The skill of Meister

As for the housing parts such as shoji or sliding door,-based thing that there be and makes well is important to move at every opening or closing.

Houses put technique together in total, and, as for Tanaka, they provided high-quality work in the on-site situation in addition to basic technique for making housing part which had been inherited.

In addition, we processed materials to use for member of a group exactly, and the making of member of a group who put various designs together was good at and took in member of a group on triple mirror dressing table and made oriental lamp of globe and dealt with work production of original design which concentrated invention.


After the graduation from high school, we enter housing part shop which the parents' house runs and inherit business as the third generation.

We act as skill official approval committee member and judge of skill tournament, and national traditional housing part technology preservation society participates from start those days and pours power into tradition and the succession of tradition technique, preservation of valuable landmark architecture.

Main receiving a prize career

  • Skill Grand Prix championship national in 1983
  • Person of 1993 Kanagawa excellence skill commendation receiving a prize (Governor of Kanagawa)
  • 2011 "master craftsman (prominent skill person) of the present" commendation receiving a prize
  • 26, Heisei nenzuitakaratankoshojusho

We can come across the skill of Meister here!

Tanaka housing part shop
1148-126, Morookacho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone: 045-531-1030

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