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Masato Uchida Meister (Western furniture job (Yokohama furniture))

Last update date March 6, 2019

Masato Uchida(uchidakatsuhito)
Western furniture job (Yokohama furniture)

The 2013 choice (the 18th)
Minami Ward residence

  • It was born in 1959 and is from Tokyo
  • 1986 Takenaka entering a company
  • 2004 Geranium nepalense Motomachi studio establishment

Time capsule that message of ancient people was jam-packed as for the furniture

It has been continued doing work in thought, "we left technique for making furniture in history".

Yokohama furniture can produce one article of one article with high quality and crosses for long term as repair, restoration is possible and has you hold attachment more than generation and use.

For cabinet-maker, furniture made dozens of years ago is time capsule clogged up with message of ancient people.

We make the technique own while taking consideration into feeling of craftsman who dealt and we finish neatly again and deliver in the next generation.

It will be that furniture which Uchida was prepared into becomes time capsule for craftsman inheriting technique of Yokohama furniture.

We hold "cabinet-maker upbringing class" and carry out class to wear higher technique for basic technical guidance to become cabinet-maker and completion life.

We send many engineers out alone and pray for Yokohama becoming production center for making furniture again.

The skill of Meister

Even if it is the same materials, there is right person for the right place, and by performing timber conversion (material collecting) that we think about that, the superior durability is born.

In correspondence with individual needs and challenge new design and finish curved surface of plane and having many kinds with plane (plane) more than 200 orders for each one point.

In addition, we assume repair, restoration to perform in the future and produce furniture with consistent way of thinking and knowledge for sorting, design, structure, assembling, finish, the painting of materials.

Technique to produce Yokohama furniture is intended to realize design and, by technique and three-legged race of design, aims at further evolution.


After outfitting technical school graduation, we work as apparel designer. We see state that cabinet-maker works silently on TV and decide change of job.

We go to Hatano vocational school woodwork section and enter Takenaka of Motomachi at 27 years old.

After the independence, we establish group and Geranium nepalense Motomachi studio at 45 years old.

Commencing with cabinet restoration of the Emperor Taisho, we are engaged in production, repair of furniture such as Yokohama-bijutsukan holding, Yokohama Local Meteorological Observatory's director room, Yokohama opening of a port memory hall royal suite, Yokohama Media and Communications Center old royal suite, the Yamate Catholic Church, 7, Yamate Western-style building.

In addition, by the Yokohama opening of a port 150th anniversary, we hold workshop producing bench with primary schoolchild in the city.

Main receiving a prize career

  • 2000 Yokohama-shi excellence skill person commendation receiving a prize (The Mayor of Yokohama)

We can come across the skill of Meister here!

Geranium nepalense Motomachi studio
3-3-18, Shinyamashita, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone: 045-621-5803

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