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Toshihiko Yoshida Meister (cook (Western food))

Last update date March 6, 2019

Toshihiko Yoshida(yoshidatoshihiko)
Cook (Western food)

The 2011 choice (the 16th)
Kanazawa Ward residence

Both dishes and surfing have the same point that the same situation never has

"Warm thing is warm, and cold thing is cold. Mother served burning hot rice at home and handed…. This sense is ideal of my dishes. Think that heart is right here, "is important let alone dishes being technical, it is feeling that there is not drill if raise, but is important most. We turn menu by customer to surprise with dessert a little more softly because it is old person if it is finish geyo, child. Yoshida who says, this which imagines face which customer is pleased with, and makes dishes is important.

Skill that windsurfing that we began for a change sometimes practices with professional.

"Point that the same situation never has is similar to both dishes and surfing. We do not need to get on identical wind if we do not need to have identical material in our hand. Under any situation, we think that it is professional to be able to give the best result"

We instruct many subordinates as total chef and have a good reputation for the upbringing abilities.

In addition, we still succeed taste, and homemade curry roux from the the hotel Yokohama times wins favorable reception.

In addition, we work on activity to report food education in elementary and junior high school and local production for local consumption of Yokohama as member of Yokohama gas fatty tuna chisel meeting positively.

The skill of Meister

We make use of experience and everyday results of research that engaged solely for Western food and create menu filled with ideas that reviewed dishes of the good old days.

In addition, we provide lightness to Aya and not only arrangement but also sauce and devise to have young people get close to French casually and keep the making of menu which used local ingredients such as Yokohama products very much in mind.


We devote ourselves to junior high school, high school and kendo and are impressed with steak which we ate at restaurant which senior runs at the time of prefectural tournament championship and want to be way of dishes.

After the graduation from high school, we study cooking skill via each restaurant of Yokohama.

We worked after founding of "the hotel Yokohama" that was forerunner of "Hotel Monteray Yokohama", and, after experiencing each the hotel section cooking head, it was total chef, and honor acted as chef all-out more.

Main receiving a prize career

  • 2002 Yokohama-shi excellence skill person commendation receiving a prize (The Mayor of Yokohama)
  • Winning 2008 academy silver chapter (association of corporate judicial person all-Japan food service supervisor person)
  • Proof receiving a prize (association of corporate judicial person all-Japan food service supervisor person) of food service supervisor person honorary in 2009

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