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Kyomi Horiuchi Meister (meat processing, cook)

Last update date January 22, 2020

Kyomi Horiuchi(horiuchitsuyomi)
Meat processing, cook

The 2009 choice (the 14th)
Konan Ward residence

  • It was born in 1945 and is from Miyazaki
  • We open butcher's shop in Minami Ward in 1969
  • Pork cutlet beauty tonsakuraio opens in Minami Ward in 1970
  • We acquire patent with pot-baked foods pork cutlet in 2009
  • The first grade kitchen facilities construction certified technician, manufacturing Meister (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
  • "Wide beach people illustrated book" (J:COM) appearance picture (the outside site)

We want to reform pork cutlet very much from Yokohama

Even if Horiuchi said to, "we were not able to eat pork cutlet for health" from friend wanted to eat pork cutlet, for person who could not eat, we began challenge for development of recipe to turn pork cutlet that there were many oil contents into health food how.

We devised chest which we dropped oil content using stone pot for salt manufacturing which Horiuchi developed by oneself, and acquired patent by baking pork cutlet at high temperature, and stomach did not lean on and "pot-baked foods pork cutlet" that we put out, and taste of meat which there was not was fully drawn.

Furthermore, as for Horiuchi, nutritive value developed taste ingredient-rich the original manufacturing method using velvet shank highly without using egg to liquid (batter liquid) to dip meat into before putting bread crumbs for person with allergy to egg (patent pending).

"Pork cutlet baking relief, security, health in light pinkness that condensed taste by baking roast with pot at low temperature in motto for 2-3 hours", this is shakeup of Horiuchi style.

Horiuchi talks about dream saying "we want to send pot-baked foods pork cutlet from Yokohama to the whole country and the whole world as health food".

And "we beat oneself" is doing feeling "that we never give up" and activity to convey technique of meat processing to primary and secondary students.

The skill of Meister

We process part of all the dressed carcass by suitable method that technological change of Japan is recognized as well as own meat processing technology in contest award ceremony of meat processing, and impressed Horiuchi works on improvement of further technique, and to make good product and devise tool or high quality meat, spice, seasoning.

Beautiful pork Hama jerky made with good-quality thigh selected carefully was authorized to Yokohama goods 001.


We are from Miyazaki.

We enter store specializing in meat in Tokyo at the age of 18.

After duty at meat store in Yokohama-shi, we open butcher's shop at the age of 22.

Afterwards, we open pork cutlet restaurant.

We begin the making of ham sausage while we are engaged in meat.

We run from 1993 through 96 and, with technique that we cultivated, challenge the Netherlands international meat products contest, contest of surabakuto international meat products exhibition (SLAVAKTO) in the Netherlands which is ham, sausage, the home of Vienna sausage and win many gold medals in pork jerky or hamonserano (prosciutto ham).

Main receiving a prize career

  • 1993 Netherlands international meat products contest pork jerky gold medal, hamonserano (prosciutto ham) gold medal, chorizo gold medal
  • 1994 Netherlands international meat products contest pork smoke liver gold medal
  • 1994 SLAVAKTO beef jerky gold medal
  • 1996 Netherlands international meat products contest roast ham gold medal

SLAVAKTO (surabakuto) is meat product and trade fair of meat-related apparatus held in the Netherlands, and meat processing food contest is held.

We can come across the skill of Meister here!

Pork cutlet beauty tonsakurai
Telephone: Kamiooka store 045-844-9090, Idogaya store 045-731-5502, Okamura shop 045-753-9090
Handmade ham studio, Sakurai
Telephone: 045-761-7721

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