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Mountain village furtherance Meister (dyeing and weaving)

Last update date March 6, 2019

The mountain village furtherance(Yamamura be not crowded and becomes)
Dyeing and weaving

The 2005 choice (the tenth)
Izumi Ward residence

Manufacturing is repetition of monologue

Yamamura dealt with dyeing of various dough including special product "Yokohama scarf" of Yokohama proud of traditions 100 years or more.

"Read the times of one step, and still make various works" "manufacturing is repetition of monologue. Yamamura who says, you find problem by oneself and must get over by oneself.

Hint jumps from unexpected place when we put antenna with strong feeling to want to make new product widely. It seems to be important to catch the hint well timely.

Other than upbringing of successor, he/she participates in events such as exhibitions held in Yokohama positively and citizen's convey skill of dyeing and weaving including "Yokohama scarf" widely and contribute to promotion of area culture.

The skill of Meister

In the industry which is often mass-produced by machine, we work on mass production by freehand drawing.

We are in our 30s, and freehand drawing dyeing technique that we devised sets one cloth in the air, and describe the same design in technique representing design using brush in large quantities freehand and can provide taste of handwork. In addition, action paint (aerial how to depict), way of drawing a picture on the water, technique that we developed including armor dyeing, irregularity dyeing exceeds 100 kinds.

We developed work with originality, and the work was authorized to Yokohama 001 goods.


The Yokohama breeding born in Yokohama.

After graduating from Tama Art University design department, we enter fiber artefact company for export and work as designer of print design of clothing material.

We learn about technique of print while we design paper pattern and establish technique to dye in freehand drawing to cloth directly.

We establish mountain village dyeing and weaving crafts at 35 years old.

Main receiving a prize career

  • Winning the 2003 France Paris international salon exhibition special prize
  • Winning the 2004 Germany Netherlands Belgium exhibition (Yuri John contemporary art world exhibition) special prize
  • 2013 "master craftsman (prominent skill person) of the present age" commendation receiving a prize (the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare)
  • 2015 Medal with a Yellow Ribbon receipt of a decoration

We can come across the skill of Meister here!

Mountain village dyeing and weaving crafts
3143, Izumicho, Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone: 045-802-3138

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