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Daigo Shuichiro Meister (landscape gardening)

Last update date March 1, 2019

Daigo Shuichiro(Shuichiro)
Landscape gardening

The 2004 choice (the ninth)
Kanazawa Ward residence

  • It was born in 1941 and is from Yokohama-shi
  • It is the fourth generation of *shuzoen having been continued since charges of great-grandfather
  • The first grade landscape gardening certified technician, 1 kyuzoenhodokoshikokanrigishi, vocational training instructor, manufacturing Meister (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
  • We successively hold association of Kanagawa landscape gardening business's vice-chairperson, skill official approval committee member

In garden where customer is satisfied with by careful work

"Work being repeated carefully", this is posture to job of Ogo.

It is one of the words in the times when "finishing without relaxing up to one undergrowth of weeds" and Ogo were taught strictly by grandfather and father.

At first, Ogo that "customer should be satisfied in garden which oneself thought to be good" seems to start with hearing intention and preference of customer on order.

We think that it is important to choose right person after having understood characteristic, characteristic of materials well and act to reflect intention of customer in work enough.

We perform class of technique of traditional Japanese style gardens such as weaving like a wickerwork pattern or Kenninji bamboo hedge positively.

We act as skill official approval committee member and instructor for many years and work on personnel training that is young as lecturers such as the class and Kanagawa Prefectural eastern part synthesis technology school landscape gardening departments that association of Kanagawa landscape gardening business holds.

The skill of Meister

We inherit technique, skill of Japanese old traditional garden culture old and deal with individual garden which we put together for modern architecture as well as Japanese-style garden much.

Particularly, we are doing new inventive idea while having outstanding technique for bamboo such as masonry, bamboo fence or cryptomeria bark walls such as piling-stones or arrangement of garden rocks, wood construction, and keeping traditional technique to reproduce nature scenery in garden alive.


After graduating from landscape gardening department of high school, we enter *shuzoen having been continued since charges of great-grandfather and move forward solely for landscape gardening business as the fourth generation.

We take office as board member at the age of 35.

We are engaged in care or restoration of old Gyokudo Kawai annex "two Shoan" whom grandfather landscaped (Yokohama-shi designated tangible cultural property) from generation to generation.

Main receiving a prize career

  • Person of 2005 Kanagawa excellence skill commendation receiving a prize (Governor of Kanagawa)
  • Builder Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport honoring (construction master) receiving a prize (the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) excellent in 2006
  • 2011 "master craftsman (prominent skill person) of the present age" commendation receiving a prize (the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare)
  • 2014 Medal with a Yellow Ribbon receipt of a decoration

We can come across the skill of Meister here!

6-3-15, Tomiokahigashi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone: 045-772-3034

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