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Masamichi Nakamaru Meister (cook (sushi dishes))

Last update date January 22, 2020

Masamichi Nakamaru(nakamarumasamichi)
Cook (sushi dishes)

The 2002 choice (the seventh)
Kohoku Ward residence

  • It was born in 1939 and is from Yokohama-shi
  • We inherit sei*jushi
  • Qualified specialist cook, cooking specialist, master of globefish kitchen knife
  • We successively hold association of sushi quotient life hygiene trade association society inspectors of the whole country, Vice Chairperson Yokohama-shi sushi dealer association, Kohoku sushi dealer ealdorman, Kanagawa sushi dealer environmental hygiene trade association vice-director, Kanagawa globefish association vice-director

We want to convey taste of traditional sushi bar

We hold to be able to eat to customer deliciously so that rice melts away in mouth.

Nakamaru saying, "every day may be never satisfied with study" provides sushi using mushrooms such as not only seasonal fish but also matsutake mushrooms and aims at the making of sushi pleased with by customer.

"It is pushed to conveyor belt sushi, and old sushi bar decreases recently. However, saying there are a lot of good points not to be able to taste elsewhere in sushi bar, "wants to tell children with taste of traditional sushi bar"; Nakamaru.

It has been promoted developing instruction in Yokohama-shi sushi dealer associations.

In addition, we exhibit for Kanagawa dishes competitive shows that Kanagawa cook society hosts positively and citizen's widely convey skill and contribute to promotion of area culture.

The skill of Meister

Taste of sushi is decided with the material. And the Chari, addition and subtraction, atmosphere of wasabi are important, too.

We keep the making of sushi which took good care of seasonal foods in mind, and Nakamaru modifies quantity of vinegared sushi rice in consideration for age or sex, health condition of customer and we think about cholesterol level and choose the material.


The Yokohama breeding born in Yokohama.

After the graduation from high school, we begin to make sushi in "sei*jushi" which father founded in 1933.

We acquire study for 2 years in another store and inherit shop at the age of 24.

Main receiving a prize career

  • 1987 The Mayor of Yokohama commendation receiving a prize (association of Yokohama-shi food hygiene)
  • 1987 Ministry of Health and Welfare health medical care chief of the bureau commendation receiving a prize (Japan cook society)
  • 1990 Minister of Health and Welfare commendation receiving a prize (Japan cook society)
  • Part gold medal (Kanagawa sushi dealer environmental hygiene trade association) of the 1991 tenth sushi technique contest training

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