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Toru Koizumi Meister (flower decoration)

Last update date January 22, 2020

Toru Koizumi(with Koizumi)
Flower decoration

The 1999 choice (the fourth)
Kohoku Ward residence

  • It was born in 1949 and is from Yokohama-shi
  • Hakuraku Representative Director Hanazono
  • The first grade flower decoration certified technician
  • Association of Japanese flower designer first class regular member

We talk with flower and draw individuality of flower

We were familiar with work of flower decoration naturally because we helped with flower shop of business since the age of elementary school.

Koizumi whom "it makes use of characteristic of plant, and it is opportunity of arm that we give type of flower and combination of color originality" says, "time when we were able to draw individuality of flower how much while talking with flower is joy" ascertains characteristic of each flower and devises method of cut end and unloading.

Looking for flower and tree which sometimes fit self-image, we may go to look for tree and flower by oneself in production center.

In skill class of group held in each places of the whole country, we work hard at developing improvement in skill and upbringing.

In addition, we take charge of heir of flower shop from the whole country and instruct to be able to develop sense of color, originality, originality, design sense.

The skill of Meister

As for the flower decoration, wedding bouquet, arrangement, display of department store and use and size diverge into many branches from hearty small bouquet.

We show the highest skill that was correct in the times that skill put in each work is consistent and is based on basic technique of flower decoration "that we make use of characteristic of plant and finish carefully", and to express feeling-related rich design in work.


The Yokohama breeding born in Yokohama. What came across flower design of origin in the United States at the age of 18 years old.

We learn from Hiroshi Oishi of Chairperson Tokyo flower design society first generation while we help flower arrangement shop "Hakuraku flower garden" that father runs while going to Tokyo University of Agriculture department of agriculture.

After the graduation from university, we enter Hakuraku flower garden. We participate in the training in the United States and European countries and study skill.

We are in charge of flower arrangement decoration at the time of Princess Diana visit to Japan.

Main receiving a prize career

  • Winning 1973 second florist contest Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries prize (Japan Florists'Telegraph Delivery Association: JFTD)
  • 1980 Japan floral design all-Japan tournament Minister of Education Prize receiving a prize (association of Japan designer)
  • The selection florist flower design competition Prime Ministers Prize in 1988 in the seventh of the whole country (Japan Florists'Telegraph Delivery Association: JFTD)
  • 2018 "master craftsman (prominent skill person) of the present age" commendation receiving a prize (the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare)

We can come across the skill of Meister here!

Hakuraku flower garden
100, Hakuraku, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone: 045-432-3939

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