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Tadashi Tamada Meister (sheet metal certified technician)

Last update date February 20, 2020

Tadashi Tamada(tamadatadashi)
Sheet metal certified technician

The 1997 choice (the second)
Asahi Ward residence

  • It was born in 1930 and is from Yokohama-shi
  • The first grade sheet metal certified technician, vocational training instructor
  • We successively hold Kanagawa sheet metal association training school's vice-principal, Kanagawa sheet metal industrial guild vice-director, skill official approval committee member, Kanagawa skill Festival skill contest committee member

Sheet metal skill that we cultivated founds flower to copper sheet image

Saying "might be hard, but, thanks to grace with various experience, the safety was able to accomplish large-scale construction"; Tamada.

It is made an effort for foundation of sheet metal association training school and contributes to developing instruction upbringing as vice-principal and lecturer of class and produces many successors.

We are invited to elementary and junior high school in the city much, and copper sheet image of commemorative production that is a graduate teaches, and "you must not forget favor that you received from other people" speaks to children saying it "is important to have appreciation and the spirit of self-advancement for people who brought oneself up".

We made copper sheet image with construction method "copper sheet graver (graver) repousse construction method" to let we beat copper sheet with graver (graver) from table, and letter and picture rise and came to exhibit at exhibition.

Not only by developing with sulfur, color changes by position of light, but also, in inborn sense of fun, paints with oil colors many times, and copper sheet image repeats and is colored copper sheet image.

The skill of Meister

Including general single-family house and developement, technique of roof, eaves trough of building, outer wall construction processing and construction is appreciated in the industry about architecture.

Particularly, in the construction of special buildings such as Shinto shrine Buddhist temple, temple, we performed construction corresponding to beautiful sight that harmonized with the building well, and prominent skill was shown.


The Yokohama breeding born in Yokohama. After the graduation from junior high school, we enter copper mechanic shop which older brother runs as sheet metal worker probation via school in the car company. Afterwards, we are apprenticed to teacher of Okanocho and are independent at 25 years old.

We make an effort as the spot person in charge by large-scale roof construction such as general gymnasium of Tokai University, san*kinenkan of san*en, the U.S. forces camping of Sagamihara.

Main receiving a prize career

  • Prize for 1979 service (all-Japan association of sheet metal industrial guild society's director, Japan architecture sheet metal association's chairperson)
  • 1990 Yokohama-shi skilled person of merit commendation receiving a prize (The Mayor of Yokohama)
  • Person of 1993 Kanagawa excellence skill commendation receiving a prize (Governor of Kanagawa)

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