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Ikuo Shimizu Meister (cook (Western food))

Last update date January 27, 2020

Ikuo Shimizu(we go without soaking)
Cook (Western food)

The 1997 choice (the second)
Minami Ward residence

  • It was born in 1943 and is from Tokyo
  • We enter hotel of Kobe-shi in 1963
  • 1980 postal savings promotion society Yokohama postal savings hall entering a company
  • We act as total chef in chef, Tokyo Kaikan, Nagoya Hall in Okayama Kaikan of meruparuku (old postal savings hall)
  • Cooking specialist, qualified specialist cook, vocational training instructor
  • We successively hold corporate judicial person all-Japan association of food service supervisor person Motobu, Kanagawa chairperson, association of Kanagawa cook group society's vice-chairperson
  • "Wide beach people illustrated book" (J:COM) appearance picture (the outside site)

We improve own richness and provide "food" which "it is good for people"

It is said that Shimizu saying, "we write that character called meal is good for people, but "meal" thinks the life to be healthy, and to contribute with joy wealthily until the Last Supper after receiving life in the world even if different in form" always feels weight of mission as cook.

We make use of basics and technique of French cuisine which we wore currently in the longtime cook life that the making of health by meal is called into question and, using ingredients of Chisan, convey "Western food which eats, and is kind to body" at local cooking classes.

In addition, "it is dishes in children and performs class about food education targeting at the small, middle and high school students in the city in motto for in dream". In spite of being stack, we do glance together so that child quits aim sukikkaninatta memory, and, in class of primary schoolchild in particular, oneself teaches cook happily. There is child that it talks with future dream to become cook and says to Shimizu, "we are glad, but on the other hand chew weight of responsibility well" in that.

The skill of Meister

For the study era, we washed pan and we did anything with lower processing, cleaning, seniors of dishwashing, vegetables did not wind up, making and were devoted.

At that time, was said from boss; "acquire reliable basics technique by performing even monotonous work repeatedly. Never betray basics that learned with body; Shimizu works on technical accumulation and, as motto, is convinced when the technique supports current Shimizu.

In addition, we went to France for several degrees besides duty and we served as homestay at restaurant which chairperson of person of MOF French cuisine best technique association ran and have been studied dishes and French culture.


At the age of fourth grader who lived in Gifu, we are invited to Christmas fashion of U.S. forces, and coat look of turkey and cooks who ate for the first time making dishes in Western food and open kitchen remains in the mind as unforgettable strong memory and enters way of cooking at the age of 19 in Kobe.

After having reached retirement age in meruparuku Nagoya in 2003, we successively held General Manager of Planning Office cooking, the part of cooking instruction in postal savings promotion society and poured power into developing technical guidance of meruparukuchien of the whole country.

Main receiving a prize career

  • Hygiene skill person commendation receiving a prize (Governor of Kanagawa) excellent in 2046
  • 1992 Auguste Escoffier association dishipuru chapter receipt of a decoration (France)
  • Winning the technical advisor best technically gold chapter best in 1997 (association of corporate judicial person all-Japan food service supervisor person)
  • 1998 cook system person who has rendered distinguished services commendation receiving a prize (the Minister of Health and Welfare)

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