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[cancellation] "Craftsman studio -゛ HAMA-TORY "of ... Hama" holding!

Craftsman of Yokohama appears in new popularity spot "asobiru" which was born in Yokohama Station East Exit this spring.                                               As for the name ゛ HAMA-TORY "(Hama chicken -)!                                                                                                                                           Skill job groups act as lecturer and, including Yokohama Meister with prominent skill, open a course in "manufacturing course", and display sells special dish due to hand of craftsman. Spring is encounter time. Do you not work as you first "manufacturing experience" either?                                                                                                              ★"HAMA-TORY" is coined word to mean craftsman studio "of" Hama.

Last update date February 26, 2020

Announcement of event cancellation

 When it was the severe situation that visit of many people held prospective event indoors while infected person of a lot of new model coronavirus was confirmed in the country about "craftsman studio - HAMA-TORY of ... Hama" which planned holding in "ASOBUILD" (asobiru) on March 7 and 8, we judged and, in Economic Affairs Bureau, decided to cancel.
 I'm very sorry, but please cooperate with understanding to all of you who waited expectantly for this event.

On 1 date

   The date: Saturday, March 7, 2020, 8th Sunday
   Time: From 11:00 to 16:00 (both days)
   Venue: Inner "asobiru" the third floor "MONOTORY" (the location: 2-14-9, Takashima, Nishi-ku-cho)
   Sponsor: Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau
   Contents: Display, sale such as course and work

About 2 manufacturing courses

   In two days, we open a course in six "manufacturing courses". All the courses become charged.
   Please confirm where participation varying in course contents is hoped for by the date well.
   In addition, please be careful by course as "prior application" may be necessary.

Course of Saturday, March 7

Course [receptionist (occasional) on that day] lecturer of making card case of seaweed: Yokohama Meister Koji Mizumori (obi style)

 We put dough of various colors and material together and make card case only for oneself.
 As you can easily make card case which is Japanese modern, please participate casually.
 ※We use iron in work process.
  [the time required] About 30 minutes
  [capacity] Three people
  [opening of a course time] At any time
  [tuition] 2,000 yen (tax-included)

◆Lecturer profile◆
 "yugenkaishatai*" representative. 2014 "master craftsman of the present age" commendation receiving a prize. 2015 "Yokohama Meister" authorization.
 We devise charge account obi which is easily put on beautifully and work on dressing instruction, and obi spreads culture in Japanese dress
Need. By sense that cultivated to type and pattern of dough for many years by adjusting size of how to use and seam of kise,
We search tei meyasusao of obi.

 [reference] Yokohama Meister: Introduction page of Koji Mizumori

Original color print course [reception desk (first arrival) on that day] of tote bag and handkerchief                                                      Lecturer: Kanagawa screen digital printing cooperative

 On tote bag and handkerchief, we print in technique of screen-printing.
 Design is not available, but can make work only for oneself with color combination.
  ※We use dye in work. We recommend preparations, participation in clothes which may become dirty of towel.
   [the time required] About 60 minutes
   [capacity] Each six times
   [start time] 11:00/13:00/14:00/15:00
   [tuition] 1,800 yen

 ◆Lecturer profile◆
  Kanagawa screen digital printing cooperative performs silkscreen digital printing,
 It is group constructed led by company under Kanagawa.
  Move into action for the purpose of environmental information sharing, development of the industry including participation in various exhibitions the latest technical information
 We are.

  [reference] Kanagawa screen digital printing cooperative home pe di(the outside site)

Course/kitchen knife grind course [reception desk (first arrival) on that day] lecturer of making pattern roll (we hit pot): Hironobu Otsuka (sword restorer)

 We offered two kinds of courses of "pattern winding" and "kitchen knife grind".
 The skill "handle roll" winding string around pattern part of sword for decoration in "pattern winding course" this time,
You liken handle part of pot push to pattern, and please experience.
 In "kitchen knife grind course", we experienced the skill of "grind" necessary for sword restoration using imminent knife
We come. We offer kitchen knife for grind in course. As for your having kitchen knife of errand
 ※"Grind course" uses water. We recommend preparations, participation in clothes which may become dirty of towel.
  [the time required] About 60 minutes
  [capacity] Each six times
  [start time] Pattern winding course: 11:00/12:45
         Kitchen knife grind course: 14:30 
  [tuition] 4,500 yen (tax-included) ※With both courses            

 ◆Lecturer profile◆
  The "sword restoration studio" sponsorship.
  We study under master of sword pattern winding and master of sword abrasion. We learn traditional technique of abrasion of exterior production, restoration and sword.
  We are introducing sword culture now in home and abroad.

   [reference] Blog (the outside site) of Hironobu Otsuka

Course of Sunday, March 8

Easel flower course (flower arrangement arrangement) [prior application (first arrival)] lecturer: Yokohama Meister Toru Koizumi (flower decoration)

 Using seasonal flowers, we make "easel flower" only for oneself who can display smartly.
 How about always trying for slightly different flower arrangement arrangement?
 It is certain that atmosphere becomes bloom and kana at a stretch if we display in room.
   [the time required] About 40 minutes
   [capacity] Each five times
   [start time] 11:00/13:00/14:00/15:00
   [tuition] 2,500 yen (tax-included)

 ◆Lecturer profile◆
  "Hakuraku flower garden" representative. 2018 "master craftsman of the present age" commendation receiving a prize. 1999 "Yokohama Meister" authorization.
  We learn from Hiroshi Oishi of Tokyo flower design society first generation chairperson.
  After the graduation from university, we enter Hakuraku flower garden and we participate in the training in the United States and European countries and study skill.
  When Princess Diana visited Japan, we were in charge of flower arrangement decoration.

   [reference] Yokohama Meister: Introduction page of Toru Koizumi

The making of collage course [prior application] lecturer of stained glass: Yokohama Meister Takeo Hirayama (stained glass)

 One of the art technique "collage" to cut, and to stick on form to like various things.
 We put stained glass together freely this time and make work only for oneself.
   [the time required] About 75 minutes
   [capacity] Time of 11:00 and 12:45: Each ten times
          Time/nine of 14:30
   [start time] 11:00/12:45/14:30
   [tuition] 1,200 yen (tax-included)

◆Lecturer profile◆
 "Light stained studio" representative. The 2000 "Yokohama Meister" choice. 2018 "Yokohama culture prize" receiving a prize.
 After completing Musashino Art University practical skill specialization department study course, we enter stained glass studio.
 Afterwards, study in French national high applied fine arts school stained glass department, classic technique of stained glass
Learn. After returning home, set up studio in Tokyo, but afterwards to Yokohama.
 We open classroom of classic technique once a week while we order in studio and produce.

  [reference] Yokohama Meister: Introduction page of Takeo Hirayama

The antique painting course [prior application] lecturer of flower stand: Yokohama Meister Osawa still (the woodwork painting)

It is antiqued and finishes wooden flower stand (hold) by the skill of the painting.
Please experience the skill of the painting that you can apply now in trendy DIY.
 ※As you use paint, come in clothes which may become dirty.
  [the time required] About 60 minutes
  [capacity] Each ten times
  [start time] 11:00/13:00/14:00/15:00
  [tuition] 1,000 yen (tax-included)

◆Lecturer profile◆
 "Osawa crafts" representative. 2011 "master craftsman of the present age" commendation receiving a prize. 1999 "Yokohama Meister" authorization.
 After the graduation from high school, we enter Mitsukoshi, Ltd. Seisakusho and learn technique of the woodwork painting.
 After the retirement at the age limit, we open "Osawa crafts" when we want to raise own technique.
 We deal with furniture between the Akasaka guesthouse morning sun between law table of the Supreme Court Supreme Court, Imperial Household Agency pine.

  [reference] Yokohama Meister: It is still his introduction page Osawa 

About participation in 3 courses method

  Person that participation in course is hoped for, please confirm this well.

◆Prior application (the first arrival)◆

  Target course: "Easel flower course" "course made with collage of stained glass" "the antique painting course of flower stand"
  [application] Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau employment Labor Relations Section
  [application period] From Monday, February 3, 2020 to Thursday, February 27   ※We would like strict observance.
  [application method] FAX or E-mail  ※Please be careful about numbers' mistake.
           ◇In the case of FAX   : 045-664-9188 
           ◇In the case of E-mail : [email protected]
  [mention contents] (1)Course name, time to hope for (2), (3) full name (furigana), (4) *bango, Address,
           (5)Contact information (Phone number, E-mail)
  [instructions] ★Application becomes chisel for the person. We cannot have you apply for plural ostensible reason in a mass.
         ★Application becomes all "first-come-first-served basis". In what accept, and should be finished when it reached capacity
          Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
         ★We send "information for attendance" to elected person sequentially.

◆Receptionist (the first arrival) on that day◆

  Target course: "Original color print course of tote bag and handkerchief" "pattern winding (hit pot, and make) course/kitchen knife grind course"
  [reception desk method] We accept for 15 minutes at start time of each of course and assume start.
         Please note that we accept and become the end when it reached capacity.
  [instructions] ★We accept every start time for course to have you participate in many people more.
         ★The people that attendance is hoped for, please line up in reception desk by all means. Doing application for several alone
          We cannot do it.
         ★There is no plan to distribute rearranging ticket to.    

◆Receptionist (at any time) on that day◆

 Target course: "Course for making card case of seaweed"
  [reception desk method] We accept at any time from 11:00 when event starts.
          But as capacity may have to wait depending on progress of course for three people for a while,
        Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Display, sale of 4 works

 We display homemade special dishes by skill job groups and, including Yokohama Meister, will sell.
 You see work directly and would appreciate your feeling warmth peculiar to splendor and handicraft of craftsmanship.

◆Work of Yokohama Meister◆
 * Glass collage (light stained studio)
 * Including scarf, handkerchief, stall (mountain village dyeing and weaving mechanic art)
 * Yokohama furniture: Including table, chair (Geranium nepalense Motomachi studio)
 * Including drawstring purse of seaweed, folding fan bag (yugenkaishatai*)

◆Works such as skill job groups◆
 * Reflection ink print tote bag (Kanagawa screen digital printing cooperative)
 * Including the sword brim, sword brim type magnet (sword restoration studio)

"HAMA-TORY" brochure


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