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List of fresh seasonal fish

Last update date May 1, 2020

List of fresh seasonal fish

We introduce fresh seasonal fish which Yokohama market chooses here.

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We publish annual table about seasonal fish.
Detailed seasonal fish introduction of this month to homepage (the outside site) of kabushikikaishasusumikokai
You shall belong to operator of each server about copyright, responsibility about contents of homepage of reading, and please note that you cannot bear responsibility about the contents as Yokohama-shi.

Annual seasonal fish introduction

Fish class

April・Spanish mackerel firefly squid (... May), clams (... May)  Photograph of clams

・Limanda yokohamae bonito (... June), the truth horse mackerel (... August)  Photograph of bonito

June・Sardine grunt (... July), sweetfish (... July)  Photograph of sweetfish
July・Conger eel kiss (... August), sea bass (... August), pike conger (... August)  Photograph of conger eel
August・Labracoglossa argentiventris squid (... October), beltfish (... October)  Photograph of sea bass
September・Saury (... October), return gatsuo (... October), autumn salmon (... November)  Photograph of saury
October・ebodai (... November), mackerel (... November), olive flounder (... December)  Photograph of mackerel
November・Leatherfish globefish (... December), oyster (... January)  Photograph of globefish
December・Queen crab nametagarei (... January), yellowtail (... February), kimme (... February)  Photograph of queen crab
January・Angler cod (... February), calamary (... February), hemiramph (... February)  Photograph of angler
February・Scorpionfish icefish (... March), fresh-water smelt (... March)  Photograph of fresh-water smelt
March・Herring red seabream (... May), rock trout (... May)   Photograph of herring


  • Retail store may not purchase fresh seasonal fish. Please demand from each retail store after confirmation.
  • Fresh seasonal fish may not be received by the shipment situation of production center.
  • It is indication about month on list, and there is thing received by each item only during thing which sits, and has months, some periods the during the month.

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