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Approach of promotion

Last update date April 18, 2020

Approach of 1 food education, consumption promotion

In the fisheries court official of the Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market home, we carry out various events for interchange with various places general as approach to the fish food spread every month from first and 9:00 a.m. of third Saturday to 11:00 a.m. "The market exploration" and "fish way of judging classroom" exploring facility in market which we cannot usually look at as main event carry out "the dismantling show of tuna".

Wholesaler of the home fisheries court official, relation wholesaler, associated company hold cookhouse ode cooking class in market to plan the spread and consumption promotion of fish food. We have you put on grated basic fish in the body, and expert instructs cooking.
The 2019 results
●Three times that are targeted for group
●Seven times of personal objects (one time of house sends parent and child)

Elementary school food education home delivery of cooked foods class

We carry out food education home delivery of cooked foods class that professionals working in market go to elementary school, and has on-site story of role and distribution of market, importance and pleasure of meal realize in fisheries, fruits and vegetables each. We carried out six schools, class seven of fisheries in class of fruits and vegetables in 2018.

At the Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market home, university or the city cook technical school and the home marine product consumption promotion committee in the suburbs of Yokohama collaborated and it lasted for five times in 2016 from 2012 and held "seafood contest" to suggest fish dishes which we could eat at home deliciously easily.

Cooperation reinforcement with retail store specialized in 3

We introduce the city specialty retail store (greengrocery, fresh fish shop and butcher's shop) selling ingredients information and that every time to arrive at the Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market seasonal on homepage. Specialized retail store allows them to search delivery, back order, the Internet order according to menus of shopping support service. In addition, we issue e-mail magazine for consumers every month and perform reporting such as introductions of special eyes.

Fresh link business

  • The number of the participation stores: Fruits and vegetables 60 store, fresh fish 56 store, meat 31 store (as of the end of March, 2019)

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