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[cancellation] Let's enjoy market of Hama! Day to open to the public of the fisheries court official

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we decided to have to cancel market public opening of August. I'm very sorry, but, to all of you having you look forward to market public opening, we would appreciate your understanding. We consider on seeing the situation and will tell about future holding some other time on homepages. (when we arrive to do baide such as retail store, restaurant for business use, it is as usual.)

Last update date July 28, 2020

Let's enjoy market of Hama! (market public opening)

Every month first third Saturday (from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.)

We throw market open every month from 9:00 a.m. of first third Saturday to 11:00 a.m. and, in the fisheries court official of the Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market home, have you enjoy shopping in general various places and carry out various events for interchange with visits.
※The Central Wholesale Market is market for duties, and baidejin comes for the stocking on civic opening day. Shopping before 9:00 of general person hopes that we have you decline.

Past event state of implementation

Holding information
The event detailsPhotograph

The ⿂ riverbank fish market stew (from 9:00 a.m. to the end of the sale)
We will sell warm soup in ⿂ kawakishitoko.

Photograph of riverside fish market stew

The dismantling show of tuna
We carry out dynamic tuna dismantling show with kitchen knife specialized in tuna.
It is the "⼋ chobu" stationed-in-⾞ ground side from the first ︓ 9:05 a.m.
It is tuna Japanese parsley ground from the second ︓ 10:10 a.m.

State to dismantle tuna

Market expeditionary party (from 9:20 a.m.)
We usually show around facility in ⾒ rukotonodekinai market. -Very-low temperature cold storage of 40 degrees
⾒ studies of various facilities in chamber and market including simulated Japanese parsley experience, experience is possible.
※⽅ of slippery footwear such as sandals is ⼊ remasen in very-low temperature refrigerator in being dangerous.
 • [reception desk] In ⽔ product part entrance, there is ⾏ on first-come-first-served basis at reception desk from 9:00.
About group reservation
Accept group reservation in 25 or less more than one set-limited, ten people in each holding ⽇; and just
Do. Do reservation start in front of 2 of held ⽉ or ⽉, within one week before held ⽇ at the following
Apply on the telephone.
 • Person in charge of Yokohama ⿂ market wholesale cooperative event
 • Telephone ︓045-459-3400 (from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)

State to do simulated auction

The judgment ⽅ classroom (from 10:00 a.m.) of ⿂
We carry out the judgment ⽅ lesson of ⿂ in "Masaru Ise". ⿂ class is fun of our ⽇; ︕
[reception desk] There is ⾏ at participation reception desk in ⿂ kawakishitoko from 8:50 a.m. to 9:10 a.m.
[capacity] 20 (when we surpass ※ capacity, we draw lots)
[ryo ⾦] 1⼈200 Japanese yen (for materials equivalency)

It looks like we deal with fish

All-you-can-stuff of ground ⿂
We carry out all-you-can-stuff of local fish produced in the prefecture fishing port.
※When we cannot prepare for fish by unseasonable weather, we may cancel. Please understand beforehand.

Photograph of local fish

Meister classroom (from 9:15 a.m.) which is slope
Fish Meister, there is ⾏ in story about ground ⿂ in the prefecture and ⾷ be ⽅.

State that Meister tells

Sale (from 9:00 a.m.) of vegetables, fruit
In wholesale ground, there is ⾏ by sale of seasonal vegetables, fruit.

State of sale of vegetables


Address: The Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market home fisheries court official (1, Yamanouchicho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi)
Transportation guide

  • Municipal bus: From Yokohama Station Yokohama East Exit Bus Terminal Platform 4, it is municipal bus 48 system "cotton harbor" line "Chuo-shijo-mae" drop off walk one minute
  • Foot: It is around 15 minutes from around 20 minutes, Keikyu "Kanagawa Station" from "Yokohama Station"

Parking lot to customer of the use
Parking space of the fisheries court official has a limit to number. Please arrive as much as possible in public transport.

Map when he/she comes on foot
Access (on foot) from each station


Are there parking lot, bicycle parking lots?

There are parking lot, bicycle parking lots, but number includes limit for the one for market players. Please use public transport as much as possible.

On day except market opening day, can you do shopping?

The Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market does not perform retail toward the citizen for market for business use. Therefore except day to open to the public cannot do shopping.

From when to when is market opening?

It is first, and it is from 9:00 to 11:00 every month in the third morning of Saturday. As baidejin comes for the stocking even if it is opening day, shopping before 9:00 is not expected.

Is restaurant in market? In addition, can you use?

As there is restaurant to ridge (from the guard room of the fisheries court official entrance right hand building of the right depths) concerned, please use that one.

Can you enter with pet?

Please stop entrance that you are with pet. (guide dog, service dog, deaf person's dog can enter)

Do you sell fish in packs of slice by market opening?

Basics are head, sale in state with tail, but there is store which we make state of sashimi and fence and sell. Depending on store, we perform service to take down fish.

If it is market opening day, do you hold event by all means?

The held situation of event varies according to market opening days. About event holding information, please confirm our homepage.

Does it take participation fee on participating in event?

Participation fee takes, and riverside fish market stew is charged than October, 2019, and, "all-you-can-stuff of fish", it sells "fish way of judging classroom".

Can you buy vegetables and fruit?

You cannot purchase vegetables, fruit with fruits and vegetables ridge because you carry out market opening only with fisheries ridge, but please purchase there as you sell vegetables, fruit at a part store of wholesale ground of fisheries ridge and ridge concerned.


  • We carry out this business around fisheries court official relation wholesale ground, and there is place that we do not carry out including fruits and vegetables part. In addition, the second floor becomes parking lot of vehicle of market players. Please confirm by guidance indication if you come.
  • We distribute flyers of information that listed conduct time or place of entertainment at reception desk in front of guard room for fisheries court official on business operation day. (place of reception desk in front of fisheries court official guard room is the side by "Chuo-shijo-mae" bus stop.)
  • When first third Saturday is holiday of market, we do not carry out local interchange business. About holiday,Market calendar of Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market homepagePlease confirm in this.

Conduct group

The Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market fish food spread promotion meeting area interchange sectional meeting
Person in charge of Yokohama fish market wholesale cooperative event
Telephone: 045-459-3400 (8:30-15:00) ※Holiday of market is excluded.

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Telephone: 045-459-3336

Telephone: 045-459-3336

Fax: 045-459-3307

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