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Five merits to be located in Yokohama

Last update date February 28, 2019

Superior traffic access

It takes only 25 minutes from Yokohama to Tokyo.
It is range from one of the best big terminal "Yokohama Station" in Japan where six 9 lines run in to main stations in Tokyo for 30 minutes.
Access from Tokaido Shinkansen stop "Shin-Yokohama Station" to major cities including Nagoya and Osaka is easy, too.
It is 24 minutes to Haneda Airport globalized in 2010. We can shorten Yokohama and mutual access with major cities of East Asia in comparison with case using Narita Airport by one way for more than one hour.
There is one of the most trade port "Yokohama Port in Japan, too", and regular Yokohama of traffic access supports mobility of company.
The time required (when fastest for ※ seat-load time) by trains from Yokohama Station to major cities

  • Haneda Airport: 24 minutes
  • Narita Airport: 1 hour 24 minutes
  • Tokyo: 25 minutes
  • Shinagawa: 16 minutes
  • Shibuya: 23 minutes
  • Shinjuku: 28 minutes
  • Nagoya: 1 hour 25 minutes (via Shin-Yokohama)
  • Shin-Osaka: 2 hours 17 minutes (via Shin-Yokohama)

High cost performance

Land prices, office wage charges become about 6-7 percent of Tokyo, and most of companies which advanced to Yokohama raise their high cost performance in advance reason. Location with low cost is possible while being in metropolitan area.

Mean land prices (Japanese yen /m2) according to use
  Yokohama-shi Tokyo ward
Residential area 205,300 478,000
Commercial areas 477,300 1,948,900
The industrial ground 165,500 270,900

Declared land value price (2013)

Office average wage charges (Japanese yen/tsubo)
  Mean wage charges
Yokohama business district 10,544
Yokohama Station district 12,000
Shin-Yokohama district 9,526
Kannai-District 9,751
Tokyo business district 16,504

Materials: Three ogres Corporation (March, 2013)
※Target building
Tokyo: Main office buildings with 100 tsubos or more standard floor area for rent
Yokohama: Main office buildings with 500 tsubos or more deferred floor space for rent

Abundant human resources

As for the labor force of Yokohama-shi, about 1.8 million people, expert technical occupation worker surpass 320,000 people.

In addition, there are many universities in the city and is abundant at opportunity of university-industry research collaboration.

The number of the expert technical occupation workers of Yokohama-shi
Unit: People, material: 2010 national census

University, graduate school which has campus in the city of science and technology
Kanagawa University (the outside site)
Kanto Gakuin University (the outside site)
Keio University (the outside site)
Showa University (the outside site)
Tsurumi University (the outside site)
Toin University of Yokohama (the outside site)
Tokyo Institute of Technology (the outside site)
Tokyo City University (the outside site)
Yokohama National University (the outside site)
Yokohama City University (the outside site)
Yokohama College of Pharmacy (the outside site)

Industrial characteristic only in Yokohama

Accumulation of IT industry

Around Yokohama, electronics maker and research and development base majority who are globally famous are located, and the number of the IT offices exceeds 3,000 and is equivalent to 3.2% of the whole country. The number of the employees accounts for national 3.5% in about 91,000 people, and Tokyo ward, the whole country next to Osaka-shi come third in city distinction.

The number of the offices of IT industry and the number of the employees
Materials: 2009 economy general survey

Promotion of life science city Yokohama

"Contribution to healthy civic life", "creation of activation, the employment of economy" promotes the formation of "life science city Yokohama" aiming at "promotion of research and development" by planning creation and innovation of biotechnology and new industry in conjunction with life science that it is thought that Yokohama-shi holds the key to future industrial development.

  • Yokohama science frontier

We maintain Yokohama science frontier, and, in Yokohama-shi, "Yokohama bioindustry center" installs "Yokohama biomedicine Research and Development Center" in Suehirocho, Tsurumi-ku "leading venture plaza" lease type research and development facility "Yokohama-shi industry-university co-operation collaborative investigation center" that we matched for stage of growth of company as base of bioindustry.
Biorelated research organization, company accumulate, and new cooperation, new business opportunity are expected to be born.

Yokohama bioindustry center

  • The formation, reinforcement of network

We place Kihara memory Yokohama life sciences promotion foundation having history and know-how for industry, academia and government cooperation in the biofield for accumulation of bioindustry as core promotion organization in Yokohama-shi and push forward reinforcement, expansion of human network. The foundation gets support of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and pushes forward expansion of expansion and biotech company support project of human network and supports company and collaborative investigation of research organizations such as universities and is working on general promotion plan now.
It promotes activation of Yokohama economy by many bioventures and invitation of affiliates creating such a various measures as base, and further promoting active cooperation with large company and university, research organization, and forming big accumulation base of research-and-development-related industry around the field of bio and life science.

Accumulation of research and development organization

Research and development organization is located a lot in Yokohama-shi next to Tokyo ward in metropolitan area.
Other than proximity characteristics with Tokyo, good traffic access or accumulation of human resources are charm of Yokohama.

The number of the offices comparison of the arts and sciences, development research organization
Materials: 2009 economy sensor

Accumulation of foreign company

In Yokohama-shi, a lot of foreign companies accumulate.
When we compare with city except Tokyo, Yokohama becomes the number of the locations to excel others.

Breakdown according to country of the number of the foreign companies and the city foreign company
Materials: 2011 foreign company conspectus, Toyo Keizai Inc.

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