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We raise development of products such as medical care, care!

I need "annoyance of medical care, the care spot" product, system development to be settled! Market expansion of the field of medical care, care, health is anticipated in future.

Last update date November 26, 2019

 Our country reaches super-aged society, and it is anticipated that market of the "medical care, care, health" field greatly escalates in future. In addition, it is said that this market expansion spreads through the world afterwards.
 In Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau, all of the city companies enters the field of medical care, care, health as "LIP. Yokohama" business and supports that we develop product, service.
 We had you cooperate with medical care, caretakers in the city as the part this time, and annoyance in job of days and such apparatus, appliance, service investigated needs that there should be.

 We accept suggestion from companies with technique and business plan to lead to such a problem and solution to needs.
 About suggestion that problem solution is expected, we support accompaniment type such as adjustment to have you cooperate with advice for prototypes and proof experiment from worker whom seed planning Corporation that is trust company of this business had problem and needs from for realization.

Table of "product, system to buy"

Please suggest technique and business plan for problem solution (including improvement of existing product) by entry sheet positively. Afterwards, from seed planning company, we disclose the details of needs.

About entry

Requirements of proposer

The suburbs company which plans cooperation with company (the city company) to put the head office or office in Yokohama-shi or the city company

Application method

You fill out entry sheet (PowerPoint: 72KB), and send mail in watanabe @ (please replace @ (full size) with @ (half size) at the time of transmission). (please consult about the deadline)

Contact information

  • If we are wondering whether you grind entry

SEED Co., Ltd. planning
Charge: Watanabe
Telephone: 03-3835-9211
Fax: 03-3831-0495
Email: watanabe @
(please replace @ (full size) with @ (half size) at the time of transmission)

  • About business

Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau industrial cooperation promotion section
Healthy management, health care business charge
Telephone: 045-671-3495
Fax: 045-664-4867
Email: ke-healthcare @
(please replace @ (full size) with @ (half size) at the time of transmission)


Accompaniment type support for industrialization plans around several cases. When we have much suggestion, we examine inside and may choose support item.

Personal information and the handling of suggestion contents

We use personal information that had you submit only for contact about this business in Yokohama-shi and the trustee.
About suggestion contents, the outside may provide summary for adjustment with person who had needs.

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Telephone: 045-671-4236

Telephone: 045-671-4236

Fax: 045-664-4867

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