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[MM district, skateboarding measures] We carry out the police and joint patrol

[Minato Mirai, skateboarding measures] We carried out joint patrol with Tobe Police Department

Last update date January 30, 2020

We carried out watchman jointly with Tobe Police Department, Environmental Planning Bureau by nuisance (the noise) act by use of skateboarding in Minato Mirai civic center and dangerous act at many places of report in one day in November. It will continue in future and is going to work.

Watchman 1

Watchman 2

Use of skateboarding at the harbor facilities is prohibition

At the harbor facilities (each park or road, sidewalk) of Minato Mirai district, we prohibit use of skateboarding. Use at someone's place to gather becomes dangerous act, and this is because sound at the time of use may be a nuisance in much Minato Mirai districts of house. In Port and Harbor Bureau bustle promotion section, we take measures in cooperation with local police department .

Please use skateboarding at place that is not a nuisance to another person including the following park. In addition, at any place, you think of another person, and you follow rule and manner of each facility, and please use.

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