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Public building ceiling falling off measures business

Last update date June 17, 2020

Following the fact that a lot of falling off of ceiling of building which had large-scale space occurred in the Great East Japan Earthquake, revised Building Standard Act enforcement order was enforced in April, 2014. In this way, about specific ceiling (※ see below) when we built newly, conformity to new standard was demanded. On the other hand, about specific ceiling of existing facility, there is not retroactivity to new standard, but of ki*fu*kaku became handled.
Therefore repair ki*fu*kaku and all identification ceilings such as use of citizen facilities that it was to ensure the civic security in Yokohama-shi, and to be able to carry out role of disaster prevention function at disaster enough; make it a principal, and plan as possible reduction of damage by ceiling falling off. We devised "Yokohama-shi community building ceiling falling off measures business plan" to promote this steadily and premeditatedly.

With specific ceiling

Thing such as the height of the ceiling exceeds 6m on hanging ceiling and the horizontal projection areas exceed 200m2 and weight of ceiling material exceeding 2 kg/m2.

Summary of business plan

Target facility: 102 facilities (138)

Facility (excluded from object about elementary and junior high school, high school, special support school for measures completion plan of 2015.) which has specific ceiling among the existing community buildings of Motoichi

Aim annual of business completion

2022 (Raiwa 4) (we assume "Yokohama-shi earthquake disaster prevention strategy" and aim annual plan that we matched.)

Priority of facility

We push forward while taking trends of falling off degree of risk of ceiling, importance of function that you should perform at the time of disaster, repair technology and grant into consideration. In addition, we consider securing of civic service about use of citizen facility.

Process of business

We divide into the first group and the subsequent second group aiming at business starting by priority at first for three years and promote.

  • The first group (2015-2017)  : 32 facilities (45)
  • The second group (30, Heisei - 2022): 70 facilities (93)

Business plan

Yokohama-shi community building ceiling falling off measures business plan (PDF: 553KB)

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