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About wood utilization promotion in public building of Yokohama-shi

Last update date March 11, 2019

In Yokohama-shi, we devise "policy about promotion of the use of wood in public building of Yokohama-shi" based on "law about promotion of the use of wood in public buildings" promulgated in May, 2010,
We promote use of wood from 2014.

Policy about promotion of the use of wood in public building of Yokohama-shi

Summary of policy


Public building (building which city arranges, private nursery school, school, nursing home) in the city
⇒We promote lignification such as the tree Creator, interior positively

Public building which city arranges

  • Should be public building of low-rise building; and the tree Creator (facility, community house, nursery school in park)
  • Mainly on part that it is thought that there are many opportunities to meet eyes of citizen lignification (entrance hall, reception desk, lobby, corridor (breast wall, floor))
  • Materials local as for the wood to use wood from Kanagawa as possible

※Local materials: Wood which was produced in capital prefecture vested in Kanto Koshin district and Shizuoka
※When securing of materials has difficulty, it is domestic lumber

Promotion of the spread, PR of use of wood

  • The use of wood is derived about public building to maintain by grant and the authorization of subsidy
  • We collect and provide concrete example of the use of wood and information about wood

"Policy about promotion of the use of wood in public building of Yokohama-shi" more of effect because there should be, gathered up as guidelines about matters which should consider by maintenance from basic matter, design when used wood.

About public building of Motoichi and facility to receive grant of subsidy, and to maintain, cooperation, please for stocktaking of consumption of wood after the completion.

We hold workshop for seminar, building practitioners whom we intended for toward the citizen to have you deepen understanding about characteristic to have of wood, charm and possibility, and to promote the use of wood to buildings.

We introduce public buildings using wood built in Yokohama-shi.

We establish environmental education dispatch lecture/off site lecture hosted by Environmental Planning Bureau.

Child adventure

We exhibit to child adventure hosted by Board of Education.

Past event

We had you deepen understanding about characteristic that wood lasted in 2014, charm and possibility and carried out seminar for citizens to promote use of wood.

Public building month 2014

Seminar that featured the theme of use of wood in Kanagawa government offices repairs public building hosted by meeting in 2014 and patrol display such as panels were held.

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