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Please cooperate with use of wood stocktaking.

Last update date February 13, 2019

About public building of Motoichi and facility to receive grant of subsidy for each facility maintenance, and to maintain, cooperation, please for stocktaking of consumption of wood after the completion.

Guidance flyer

It is for Yokohama-shi ordering construction (PDF: 239KB)
It is for Yokohama-shi subsidy grant facility (PDF: 276KB)

Investigation style (wood consumption results report)

It is for Yokohama-shi ordering construction (Excel: 32KB)
It is for Yokohama-shi subsidy grant facility (Excel: 35KB)

※In Motoichi, there is not subsidy about use of wood.
※The municipalities where Kanagawa performs "maintenance of wooden facility" in public facilities and "lignification of interior" using regional wood, the school method
We perform support (the furtherance, reporting, consultation about procurement of regional wood) for people, social welfare corporation.
(please ask Kanagawa reforestation section wood group from prefecture.)


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