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We made use of Yokohama-shi community building wood guidelines!

Last update date February 13, 2019

"Policy about promotion of the use of wood in public building of Yokohama-shi" more of effect because there should be, gathered up as guidelines about matters which should consider by maintenance from basic matter, design when used wood.


We updated to modified others, current situation accompanied with Building Standard Act revision. (H28.4)new

Cover (PDF: 673KB)

Table of contents (PDF: 140KB) (H28.4)new

Wood utilization promotion enactment in public buildings
With the wood utilization promotion method in public buildings
Use of wood policy in public building of Yokohama-shi

It is type of domestic lumber knowledge - 1 of wood
Knowledge - 2 of wood felling, distribution (domestic lumber) of wood.
It is thing about distribution of sawing knowledge - 3 of wood
Knowledge - 4 of wood thing (H28.4) about distribution of laminated lumber.
Knowledge - 5 of wood JAS materials and the area certification materials (H28.4).
Knowledge - 6 of wood about the need of drying of wood (H26.5).
Knowledge - 7 of wood about water containing rate (H26.5) (H28.4).
Knowledge - 8 of wood about the green procurement method (H28.4).
Use of wood effect (H28.4)

Wood production and consumption of Kanagawa
Material amount of production of local materials
The sawing product volume of shipment of local materials
The number of the sawing factories and material consumption
Material, the sawing price of local materials (H28.4)
JAS authorization factory (H28.4)
Laminated lumber factory (H28.4)
The local certification materials (H28.4)

Plan flow (H28.4) for use of wood
About structural calculation and JAS materials
Standard strength of wood
Requirements (fireproof, associate fireproof building) in fireproof-proof (H28.4)
Main structure part of building of large scale (H28.4)
Fire wall (H28.4)
Limit (special buildings) by use (H28.4)
Limit (H28.4) by fire prevention, associate firebreak zone

Item (H28.4) which you should consider at the time of design
Notice matter on designing building facilities
Tree Creator example (school, kindergarten, nursery school, office, meeting place) (H28.4)

For lignification
Lignification example (school, use of citizen facility, nursery school, kindergarten)

It is basic matter about deterioration of wood maintenance - 1 to be concerned with use of wood
It is aged deterioration and maintenance by example maintenance - 2 to be concerned with use of wood
Check and deterioration diagnosis

Construction cost comparison

List of reference materials (H28.4)
Supporting menu (H28.4)
Wood term (H28.4)
Design check list
Check list which affects deterioration
Wood-related group (H28.4)

Guidelines (PDF: 8,555KB) (collective downloading) (H28.4)new


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