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Energy saving standard conformity authorization (Article 36)

Last update date July 2, 2020

About energy saving standard conformity authorization, indication system

  • Prove that built building adapts to building energy consumption performance standard (energy saving standard) now; is authorized.
  • We can display conformity authorized mark (e mark) when we receive authorization.

Article 36 authorized mark

In indication of energy saving standard conformity authorized mark

  • Owner who received authorization, please perform appropriate maintenance so that the building concerned continues adapting to energy saving standard.
  • When you change owner, please submit owner notification of change of building.

About procedure for certification application

After having received beforehand technical examination about authorized standard by "examination organization", we apply to Yokohama-shi for standard procedure.

36 application flows

≪Examination organization≫
・Registration energy saving judgment engine: Registration building energy consumption performance judgment engine prescribed in the building energy saving method
・Registration house performance evaluation engine: Registration house performance evaluation engine prescribed in law about promotion of securing of quality of house

※About the whole building, we treat as the same class that we received technical examination with examination engine about thing which proved thing and same class that is or more that we adapt to "building energy consumption performance standard" among the following documents affecting energy-saving performance that third-party organizations issued at the time of new construction. But it is limited when designers confirm that standard fits in the present.

  • Notification (copying) of energy saving performance improvement plan authorization
  • Plan authorized notifications (copying) such as low-carbon building new construction
  • Construction house performance evaluation book (copying)
  • Conformity notifications (copying) for energy saving report
  • Precaution of certification application
    • Authorized range is the whole building.
    • Please apply when all the construction was completed.
    • Applicant becomes owner of building.
    • When we receive technical examination of examination organization beforehand, authorized fee in Yokohama-shi is free.
Standard processing period (indication before issuing authorized notification after doing certification application)
When we receive identification of conformity of technical proper examination by examination organization15th

※Other than the above, please confirm in page of standard handling of Housing and Architecture Bureau period.

Certification application point
The City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture leadership architecture Planning Division architecture environment charge
Address6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi the 25th floor of the city hall

About certification application fee

About application documents

You keep all original copy, vice-copy on file in A4 version file, and please submit.

  1. Authorized application (the style 37th) (word: 37KB)
  2. When proxy applicant entrusts others with procedure
  3. Book (PDF: 181KB) to fix for table of law enforcement regulations Article 1
  4. Book that other mayors admit that they are necessary
  • Attached book to establish in rules by types such as identifications of conformity may be unnecessary.

About authorized standards

Please confirm laws and ordinances, notification about authorized standard.

Other styles

About procedure to affect certification application, please confirm summary of Yokohama-shi.

Other styles

Owner notification of change of building
(when we change owner of building)

2 (word: 38KB) of summary No. 3 style

(when we withdraw application before authorization)

Summary No. 4 style (word: 37KB)

Authorized cancellation application
(when when building was lost, we did not meet/standard)

2 (word: 34KB) of summary No. 5 style

Report about standard conformity authorization building
(when report was sought from Yokohama-shi)

Summary No. 8 style (word: 36KB)

Application for re-issue book
(when we hope at the time of/name change at loss of authorized book)

Summary No. 11 style (word: 36KB)

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