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"Assent! Six reasons that should choose energy saving house"

In merits that energy saving house was provided with, "health maintenance" and "comfort" that relation was close utilized info graphics (thing which expressed information visually) about "collection of construction cost by energy bill reduction" for everyday life and made leaflet which introduced clearly. As reference of selection of house of citizen's all of you, it is contents which we can utilize as explanation information from to the master of building about authorized architect and engineering firm again.

Last update date March 9, 2020

Six reasons that should choose assent energy saving house
It is leaflet which we introduced merit of energy saving house to clearly.

1.Downloading of leaflet

We can download from the following. Please inflect freely.

※We made 1 page of leaflet PDF1 page.

※When you print with your printer, please use.

※In the case of article to printing office containing, please use. The finish size: A5 (we file long side)

※We close A4, narrow side and make duplex printing, and it is in shape of leaflet when we repeat three pieces and break two and do.

2.Downloading of info graphic

We can download info graphic published in leaflet.

※When reprint; as the source City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau "assent! Please show six reasons that should choose energy saving house clearly.

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