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Heat-contrast shock forecast

Last update date April 1, 2019

With heat-contrast shock forecast

Heat-contrast shock forecast tells about indication of risk that heat-contrast shock happens based on the weather prediction information of association of Japan weather. [from October through March]
Heat-contrast shock forecast (the outside site)

※TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. and association of Japan weather developed heat-contrast shock forecast jointly.

Morning and evening cool down; temperature difference in house grows big from October through March, and become easy to cause heat-contrast shock.

With heat-contrast shock

It is influence that body receives by sudden temperature change.

It is said to be factors that blood pressure greatly rises by sudden temperature change including movement, causes acute myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction from warm living to cold apodyterium, bathroom, restroom.

At first, we start with warming apodyterium, bathroom, restroom with heater, and how?

We introduce heat-contrast shock and measures in detail.

STOP! Heat-contrast shock (the outside site)

To prevent

We raise insulation performance of house and by lowering temperature difference in house, can prevent heat-contrast shock.

Preventive example of heat-contrast shock

  • We warm apodyterium, bathroom, restroom with heater
  • We put insulation sheet and insulation film on window
  • We change window for thing with insulation effect (double glazing, resin sash)
  • We repair outer wall and roof, ceiling to high-performance insulation material

In Housing and Architecture Bureau, there is supporting system "eco-renovation (energy saving repair) assistance to house system" for insulation repair.
In the case of consideration of heat-contrast shock measures, please refer to.

※Application has requirements. Supporting system finishes acceptance when it reached the amount of budget on reception desk first-come-first-served basis.
As for the details, please see the following homepage.

Eco-renovation (energy saving repair) assistance to Yokohama-shi house system

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