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Information for Yokohama-shi private enterprise building blowing asbestos measures business

Last update date June 22, 2020

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This business is business assisting expense to need for construction such as free component investigation or removal about blowing asbestos constructed to private building (store, office, parking lot) which majority uses.

With blowing asbestos

Blowing asbestos means blowing materials that asbestos is contained. Because there was characteristic that resisted heat or friction in natural mineral fiber, asbestos (also called asbestos (Ishiwata, cough noodles)) has been used for many buildings until now. However, as fiber of asbestos is light extremely thin, it is easy to float in the air and has characteristic that it is easy to inhale people. It might cause lung cancer and the asbestos lungs, malignant mesothelioma to remain behind in the lungs for a long term when we inhale asbestos.

Summary of business

(1) Asbestos-containing investigation

 Specialty supplier whom city entrusts visits and we are free of charge and investigate whether asbestos is included in blowing building materials.

(2) The asbestos removal (assistance to expense required for construction)

 When we take measures such as the removal and construct about "blowing asbestos" or "asbestos-containing blowing rock wool", we assist 2/3 (upper limit 3 million yen) of expense. (consumption tax excludes assistance.)

Method of constructing is following two kinds measures targeted for business.
①The removal method②Confine; construction method

Construction method to remove blowing asbestos from the groundwork


It is the most certain measures.

Construction method to impregnate drug to blowing asbestos, and to fix, and to prevent scattering
It is cheaper than the removal method, but it is temporary correspondence, and the removal construction of asbestos is necessary prior to the dismantling at the time of the dismantling of building.

Target building

Private building which majority uses

  • Store, office, parking lot, factory, warehouse
  • Only as for the part in the case of apartment house for common use (include machine rooms in object.)

       ※Next is excluded.

  • Personal house
  • Building which plans removing
  • Building and building in equivalence site which received assistance of asbestos-containing investigation by this business in the case of asbestos-containing investigation in the past
  • Building and building in equivalence site which received assistance such as the asbestos removal by this business in cases such as the asbestos removal in the past
  • Building which catches other assistance about the asbestos removal or asbestos-containing investigation
  • Investigation into building materials except blowing building materials and the removal (the formation board used for roof materials, finish coat materials of outer wall)
  • Building which violates Building Standard Act

Flow of application

Book which is necessary at the time of application

(1) Asbestos-containing investigation

(2) The asbestos removal

  • Guide map, the present situation ground plan
  • The present situation photograph (the building appearance, use of blowing materials place)
  • Other mayors admit that they are necessary

  • Guide map, the present situation ground plan
  • The present situation photograph (the building appearance, use of blowing materials place)
  • Copy of building confirmation notice and certificate of inspection
  • We can prove that it is blowing asbestos (analysis findings)
  • Documents which prove proprietary rights of building
  • Bid book or more than three quotations ※1
  • It can be determined to be building asbestos-containing explorers by person devising business plan ※2
  • Other mayors admit that they are necessary

※1…When it is anticipated that operating costs become one 1 million yen or more in the case of bid of construction such as removing or the collection of quotation, please go only in the city company. Please attach documents (copy of general competitive bidding qualified person list or entry certificate (commerce, corporation registration)) found to be the city company on this occasion.
※2…When we receive assistance to blowing asbestos removal, in the development of business plan of construction such as the removal, participation of "building asbestos-containing building materials explorers" is necessary. We complete class based on the first Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of the Environment notification in 2018 and call person whom qualification as explorer was given to building asbestos-containing building materials explorers.

Precaution of application

  • We finish acceptance of application as soon as business budget this year is finished.
  • When there are plural owners of building, agreement of all the members is necessary. Cases such as condominiums need application by Residential Association.

Precaution of construction

  • Please perform according to "blowing asbestos dust scattering prevention processing technique guideline, commentary of revision existing building" of Building Center of Japan editing, issuance and "processing construction manual" and "asbestos powder jinhenobaku dew prevention manual" of prevention of construction industry work related accidents association making adequately and safely.
  • Please observe laws and ordinances including report and fireproof-proof performance recovery construction by laws and ordinances concerned concerned.
  • It is necessary to use authorized materials of Building Standard Act Article 37 when we confine and construct.


As for the system summaries, it is reference materials

Laws and ordinances, reference concerned

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