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About proof, reading about building, development

Last update date June 24, 2020

Reading of documents

Reading, materials which we can inspect are as follows in information consultation section (information corner).

  • Construction plan summary book
    About building confirmed by building certification application, we can read "construction plan summary book" (article after January, 1971) which we wrote down summary and plan of plan.
    In reading, confirmation number of building is necessary.
    When you do not know confirmation number, please identify number on building certification plot maps attached to information consultation section.
    ※In 1 identification, please check the building year with building registers beforehand.
    ※Fee of 2 summaries book reading is free, but I would like burden of copy charges when copy is necessary.
    ※We can confirm the inspection situation with "summary book of disposal" about article which we took after May 1, 1999, but, about the situation of examination for 3, can confirm by acquiring building certification application account book mention certificate (one 300 yen) about article before that.
  • Building Standard Act road classification account book
    In Building Standard Act, site of building "must contact with road to fix for law Article 42 2 meters" or more and is account book which displayed classification such as the roads.
  • Road position designated figure
    It is drawing of way prescribed in Building Standard Act Article 42 Paragraph 1 No. 5.
  • Registry of development projects (figure of record, land utility plan)
    We can read record (summary) which became development permission, figure of land utility plan (ground plan).
  • Town development map information (i muppie)
    We can check limit contents such as contents (restricted zone, coverage ratio, floor area ratio) of city planning decision, Building Standard Act road classification, Building Standard Act.
  • Other (free reading) materials
    We can read Yokohama-shi cultural assets map, limit of city planning, agreement on building standards, town development discussion district and area figure, industrial accumulation area figure, figure of prevention of electric wave spread disorder area freely.

Certificate, grant of copying

  • Grant of house certificate for new house
    When there is "house certificate for house" when we build new house (50 square meters or more) as house or purchase and register within one year, preservation, move of proprietary rights, tax rate of registration and license tax of the setting registration of mortgage are reduced.
  • One fee is 1,300 yen. For more details Information for house certificate for new housePlease see this.

  • Grant of building certification application account book mention certificate
    About building which article which accepted building certification application identified, we can acquire certificate of matter (confirmation number, total floor area, confirmation of inspected issuance presence) listed in account book. We can issue certificate about article of private designated confirmation organization.
    • One fee is 300 yen.
  • Grant of copying of registry of development projects
    About admitted development activity, we issue copy of figure of land utility plan and record.
    • Grant of copying costs fee of 470 yen per one piece of drawing to A2 size.
  • Grant of residential land development construction permission application account book mention certificate
    About permission of the regulation method such as admitted residential land development, we can acquire certificate of matter (permission number, residential land area) listed in account book.
    • One fee is 300 yen.

List of links of residential land (we set a limit to building) investigation

It is linked list disclosing information on the Internet.

  • Town development map information (i muppie) (the outside site)
    Restricted zone (coverage ratio, floor area ratio), firebreak zone, high district, Building Standard Act road classification, municipal facilities, city range of redevelopment business, classification, range of scenic zone, range of immediate slant collapse danger zone, housing land development construction regulation area, local range (harborside district, tree planting district) of others, range of land readjustment district, town planning discussion district, city planning, agreement on building standards
  • City planning
    List, establishment contents, detailed range of city planning

Downloading of style

About excellent residential land, certification application of excellent house

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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