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General consultation, window information about building, residential land

Last update date September 30, 2020

Phone number 045-671-2953

※By contents of consultation, there is introduction or case to ask for the next agency to window in special department.

・We set a limit to city planning restrictions, building

・・We introduce limit or use restrictions of city planning of ・ Yokohama-shi of building in restricted zone.

Common questions such as construction, development

・Story simple Building Standard Act (PDF: 3,258KB) about building

・・It is information which explained rule to become basics when we do ・ architecture clearly.

・Our town (PDF: 990KB) which is settled by mutual concessions, and is livable

・・* Of case to include anxiety and worry when building is built in neighborhood newly, and living environment changes,
We introduce general precautions of law such as basic chart, civil law.

・Of prior explanation of construction ask (PDF: 232KB)

・・In case such as ・ building, creation, the dismantling construction, to reduce anxiety such as inhabitants of neighborhood,
In addition, we ask for prior explanation such as building works to push forward construction smoothly to go positively.

Window guidance materials

◇Window information for building, development [Hayami] (PDF: 383KB)

It is corresponding table of counter in charge.

◇Window information for building, development [procedure, keyword strand convulsions] (PDF: 533KB)

It is tables such as contents, object, time, window of procedure for building, development.
Can search by "the Japanese syllabary index" that collected keywords of procedure.

◇Window information for building, development [procedure, flow] (PDF: 354KB)

It is table which classification, time, summary, standard of procedure for building, development set in procedure order about window.

Real estate dossier

◇[important matter manual] Investigation method, window information for statutory limits (PDF: 992KB)

For investigation into important matter explanation by the residential land building transactions business method "limit based on the Town Planning and Zoning Act, Building Standard Act"
We gathered up investigation method and window guide of "limit based on other laws and ordinances" of this.

◇Real estate-related material

・Site example (PDF: 373KB) that is available for relaxation of coverage ratio

・Summary and the handling (extract) of the maximum altitude district (PDF: 763KB)

・About building at site less than minimum plottage (PDF: 363KB)

・About investigation into floor area ratio method of existing building (PDF: 247KB)

・Application object and regulation contents (PDF: 478KB) of light regulation

・About Yokohama-shi city area environmental design system (PDF: 386KB)

・About Yokohama-shi group place authorization standard, ren*date*butsu*keiseidokijun (PDF: 335KB)

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Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture leadership information consultation section

Telephone: 045-671-2953

Telephone: 045-671-2953

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