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Tree planting discussion

Last update date March 12, 2019

About tree planting discussion accompanied with building act

In Yokohama-shi, we establish "the regulations (the outside site) to make green environment, and to bring up" in 1973 and act for preservation of green tract of land in the city and promotion of tree planting.
By revision of September 1, 2004, we plan consistency such as areas targeted for tree planting to establishment of "the regulations (the outside site) about adjustment of Yokohama-shi development projects" and aim at increasing green of town in taking in various tree planting technique such as the roof or wall surface of not only tree planting to above ground part but also building and tree planting intending for uniformity scale building acts more than newly.
In addition, tree planting area system is introduced from April 3, 2009, and tree planting rate regulation by tree planting area system will occur when we build buildings more than building lot 500 square meters in area in the tree planting area (the residential-use district whole area) or we enlarge a building.
We have owner, managers of building understand significance and the need of tree planting enough and would appreciate your obeying rule.
In addition, about buildings which had you plant trees more than standard, there is system that city authorizes.


  • With some revisions of Building Standard Act, it revised a part of rule and the summary (official regulations that thing with "New" and notation revised.)

※Revised contents simplify some procedures about the exclusion and community tree planting discussion proposal from building targeted for tree planting discussion (including public tree planting discussion) with building which caught permission of Building Standard Act Article 85 Paragraph 6, and there is no change in calculation method, style of green zone.


  • As calculation method, procedure of green tract of land and way vary according to tree planting discussion proposal time, please be careful. (please click "this" applicable as follows.)

◎Proposing after April 1, 2015 is this

◎Proposing and completion procedure after the discussion establishment without item for modification are this before March 31, 2015


Grounds laws and ordinances

Discussion book

Public tree planting discussion book (for exclusive use of public building) ※Please confirm whether this way becomes application over window or telephone.

Building tree planting certificate, tree planting authorized label

Manual [old standard]

Grounds laws and ordinances [old standard]

Discussion book [old standard]

Discussion window

Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion section
Park tree planting discussion charge (1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku Kannai the sixth floor of Chuo Building)
Telephone 045-671-3946
※We would like proposal of discussion, consultation in the morning. (the person in charge may be absent by inspection in the afternoon.)
Tree planting discussion people in charge of harborside districts of (other than industrial Minato-ku) are Port and Harbor Bureau administration of property Lesson 1 (671-7081). At first please refer on the telephone.

Traffic guide around the city hall is this

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