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Information toward the medical institution

Last update date June 12, 2020

1. Application for approval of establishment procedure for medical corporation, bed maintenance

2. Foreign citizen emergency care measures costs business

About unpaid money (things which cannot apply the handling business such as journey sick people) of medical expenses of foreign citizen emergency patient, it is system to assist for emergency care engine.
※In addition, we have you confirm purpose of Medical Practitioners Act Article 19 [omanekigimuto] Paragraph 1 again, and I would like correspondence toward the foreign family register.
(foreign citizen emergency care measures costs subsidy summary) (PDF: 472KB)

3. Obstetrics medical care relations business

It is subsidy program for the city parturient handling facility. ((R2.4.1) which revised a summary.)
Please see obstetrics medical care relations business for more information about each furtherance.

4. Preventive measures against Yokohama-shi infection support Network

5. Information about cancer medical treatment cooperation base Hospital

6. The furtherance business relations

7. About JMIP certification acquisition support

For more details, please give me JMIP certification acquisition support nitsuiteogo *.

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