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2 to ask for about application for approval of medical corporation establishment procedure

Last update date April 3, 2020

About the point of making of 1 list of property

Please make as of July 31, 2019. Therefore, it is the point of proof of hail to prove proving these as of July 31, 2019.

About schedules of 2 authorization

※Revised medical law is enforced on September 1, 2016, and please be careful as articles of association examples are changed.

  1. Contents such as prejudgings
    Oh, it is submitted application (draft)
    When medical facilities are located in Yokohama-shi, we have you bring establishment authorization application (draft) to next directly and each person in charge kept the documents and performs format examination and problems rearranging.
    In addition, we do not return draft after submission.
    [City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security department medical care security charging talk 045(671) 2414]
    ※We check Phone number well, and inquiry asks a favor having the wrong so that there is not.
    i prejudging
    We carry out prejudging targeting at presenters of establishment authorization application (draft). As each person in charge has a talk with presenter individually by adjusting schedule and carries out this examination by methods arranging such as problems, cooperation, please about adjustment on interview day.
  1. Schedules such as prejudgings
    From application (draft) submission Monday, September 9, 2019 to Friday, September 20, 2019 17:15
    ※Application (draft) submission becomes receptionist to the business hours of the deadline.
    ※You prepare sequentially, and, after checking medical corporation establishment authorization application check list (attached sheet), please submit.

Format examination and problems rearranging

From prejudging Tuesday, September 24, 2019 to Tuesday, November 19, 2019

  1. Schedule after prejudging
    Oh, until deadline for application submission of documents Friday, December 13, 2019 17:15 after prejudging
    Held from the end of February, 2020 to the beginning of March of the i Medical Research Council
    Cormorant from the beginning of March, 2020 to the end to authorize
    ※ It is tentative aim in the schedule mentioned above and may be changed. We take both hands continuances such as the registration after the authorization into account as corporation at time of new establishment of medical facilities and hope that we have room enough.
  2. Documents (we do not need seal such as applicants) to attach to application (draft)
    Establishment application for approval style (Word format) (word: 302KB) (PDF) (PDF: 430KB)
    A medical corporation establishment authorization application (style 1)
    B articles of association
    ※ September, 2016 articles of association example revision
    C establishment prospectus (style 2)
    List (style 3) of property which should belong to medical corporation in the beginning of D establishment
    ※ We attach statement of establishment list of property
    ※ We attach deposit balance certificates
    Debt itemized statement (style 4) at the time of E establishment → When we succeed debt
    ※ We attach money lease contract reproductions
    F debt balance proof and debt transfer approval wish (style 5) → When we succeed borrowed money
    Debt balance proof and debt transfer approval wish (style 6) or lease transfer approval wish (style 6-2) → When we succeed lease article
    Summary (style 7: for clinics ) of G clinics (hospital) which is going to establish (for clinics which style 16 has hospital, medical treatment bed)
    (1)We attach neighboring diagrammatical views
    (2)When rent real estate; = entry certificate, lease agreement copying attachment (style 12) (style 13)
    H resume (style 8)
    ※ We attach Seal Registration Certificate
    I officer appointment consent form (style 9)
    J manager appointment consent form (style 10)
    ※ We attach doctor driver's license copying or dentist driver's license reproduction
    List (style 11) of K officer and employee
    The original proof (style 14) of L establishment representative
    The M establishment general meeting minutes (style 15)
    ※ General meeting date = after August 1, 2019
    Business plan (style 17) after N establishment for 2 years
    (1) We attach budget book (Excel format) (Excel: 45KB) for 2 years after the establishment
    (2) Point of the beginning period = April, 2020 of the first fiscal year in budget book
    O proxy (style 18)

About request to 3 applicants

You refer to "application for approval of medical corporation establishment guide", and please make application.
As a result of having examined application (draft) in advance as the considerable number of application is expected this time, about items judged to need large correction, we may ask for next application. I would like your cooperation.

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