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Landowner and land managers

Last update date March 26, 2019

To landowner and land managers
Notice matter ... when we do company and lease contract of land to keep ... refuse

In late years we keep refuse which the dismantling mechanic companies produced from construction on land which we borrowed, and example that goes bankrupt with leaving refuse unattended is founded. Properly speaking, company which left refuse must settle, but landowner and land manager may be going to finally put refuse in order when company does not have fund. When we do company and lease contract of land that it is expected company and that we keep to keep refuse to prevent such a situation, we hope that we note the next matter.

1.Notice matter before doing lease contract of land

  • When it is expected that refuse is carried in to land when we do lease contract of land, please confirm having intention or not to keep refuse.
  • When you do company and lease contract of land to keep refuse, "do not keep refuse quantity of handling of refuse and storage set of law about cleaning (for 7th of average export quantity in storage area per day) or more." When we put equal no condition, and company leaves refuse, please take measures so that damage becomes minimal.

2.Notice matter after having done lease contract of land

  • Please carry out management such as strengthening patrol of land thoroughly so that refuse is not kept non-appropriately.
  • When you confirm that refuse is kept non-appropriately by land (refuse rapidly increased), you hear circumstances promptly from company and require to clear up refuse, and please contact industrial waste measures section.

3.Other notice matters

  • Use of land along contract contents is done, or please confirm now when you are doing the dismantling mechanic companies and lease contract of land. When we find that refuse is kept though purpose of use of land contracts as material depots, it is expected that we take measures of removal requests of review and refuse of contract contents. In addition, please contact industrial waste measures section when you find that refuse is kept non-appropriately.
  • When you are doing case and contract to do company and lease contract of 300 square meters in area or more land to keep refuse which occurred with construction, company reports that you keep refuse to Yokohama-shi, or please confirm.
    When you do not report, please contact industrial waste measures section.


Law Article 5 Paragraph 1 (maintenance of cleanliness) about handling of refuse and cleaning
Owner (when there is not owner, we assume manager.of land or building It has the same as follows and must act as) to keep cleanliness of the land we occupy or to manage or building.

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