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Discharge company industrial waste processing plan a large quantity of in 2019 (construction industry)

Last update date December 6, 2019

We announce handling of refuse and industrial waste processing plan of a large quantity of discharge companies submitted to based on law Article 12 Paragraph 11 about cleaning by June 30, 2019 and state of implementation report.

[about industrial waste processing plan]
It applies to company installing business ground that quantity of outbreak of industrial waste of 2018 has 1,000 tons (as for the special management industrial waste 50 tons) or more.

[about state of implementation report]
It applies to company installing business ground that we submitted industrial waste processing plan of 2018 to.

From public announcement period October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020

Industrial waste processing plan and state of implementation report (construction industry)
Self-government IDOffice name
1257The Penta-Ocean Construction Co.,Ltd. Tokyo engineering works branch Tokyo building branch (PDF: 1,193KB)
1266Sato Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Branch (PDF: 694KB)
1519The JFE Engineering Corp. Yokohama head office (PDF: 652KB)
1520Matsui Construction Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Branch (PDF: 1,365KB)
1521The NISSAN RINKAI CONSTRUCTION Tokyo engineering works branch (PDF: 285KB)
1524Nippon Road Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Office (PDF: 588KB)
1550Aqura Home.Co.Ltd. (PDF: 572KB)
1610Swedish house Yokohama Branch (PDF: 560KB)
1615Morimoto-Gumi Tokyo Branch (PDF: 3,101KB)
1636Nara Construction (PDF: 1,474KB)
1665Touei Housing (PDF: 913KB)
1666Kanazawa Industries (PDF: 1,029KB)
1671Sumitomo Forestry Co.,Ltd. house, building business headquarters production unification department Kanagawa residence (PDF: 610KB)
1692The JFE Sibyl head office (PDF: 562KB)
1697The Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. Tokyo building branch (PDF: 1,315KB)
1726Kokudo Kaihatsu Industry (PDF: 407KB)
1730Tekken Corp. Tokyo Branch (PDF: 980KB)
1769Constant mountain steel materials (PDF: 367KB)
1781The Tekken Corp. Tokyo railroad branch (PDF: 867KB)
1784Asanuma Gumi Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 397KB)
1786Nishimatsu Construction Co.,Ltd. Kanto building branch office (PDF: 716KB)
1787Nishimatsu Construction Co.,Ltd. Kanto engineering works branch office (PDF: 687KB)
1795Sekisui House, Ltd. higashinichihon*dateshiten (PDF: 915KB)
1808Maeda Road Construction Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Office (PDF: 2,671KB)
1827isho (PDF: 538KB)
1843Product sum construction Kanagawa (PDF: 886KB)
1851Ando, interval east Kyoto Branch (PDF: 3,034KB)
1852Takada Shoten (PDF: 469KB)
1874Ando, kansekihigashishiten (PDF: 459KB)
1875First-corporation (PDF: 392KB)
1910The Toda Corp. metropolitan area engineering works branch (PDF: 1,128KB)
1933ASAHI KASEI Holmes apartment Sales Division (PDF: 1,206KB)
1934Deck (PDF: 715KB)
1937Miwa (PDF: 760KB)
1940Maeda Road Construction Co.,Ltd. Yokosuka Office (PDF: 663KB)
1943Tanaka Kensetsu Kogyo (PDF: 387KB)
1947Tokyu Re, design (PDF: 5,311KB)
2170Okumura Corporation Yokohama Branch (PDF: 555KB)
2173Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions (PDF: 1,547KB)
2177Haseko Corp. (PDF: 633KB)
2181kyaputi Kanagawa pipeline Division (PDF: 1,047KB)
2182WATANABE SATO Kanagawa Office (PDF: 278KB)
2186Tokyu Holmes (PDF: 5,635KB)
2187Kumagai Gumi metropolitan area Branch (PDF: 2,299KB)
2188Shimizu Corp. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 711KB)
2190The Tokyu Construction Co.,Ltd. metropolitan area building branch (PDF: 394KB)
2191Toda Corp. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 652KB)
2192Takenaka Corporation Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 623KB)
2194Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 821KB)
2197Konoike Construction Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 584KB)
2198Mabuchi Construction (PDF: 595KB)
2199Ohbayashi Corporation Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 920KB)
2202MISAWA HOMES Co., Ltd. Kanagawa branch office (PDF: 863KB)
2203ASAHI KASEI Holmes Kanagawa Sales Division (PDF: 571KB)
2204Fujita Corporation Yokohama Branch (PDF: 746KB)
2209Kyowa Exeo Corp. South Kanto Branch (PDF: 945KB)
2210OHMOTO GUMI Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 492KB)
2212The Maeda Corp. Tokyo engineering works branch (PDF: 881KB)
2213KUDO (PDF: 809KB)
2219Chiyoda Corp. (PDF: 400KB)
2223The Daiho Construction Co.,Ltd. Tokyo engineering works branch (PDF: 465KB)
2225KABUKI CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd. Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 1,609KB)
2228The Sekisui House, Ltd. Kanagawa east Branch (PDF: 786KB)
2232Nakamura Kensetsu (PDF: 523KB)
2235Matsuo Komuten (PDF: 496KB)
2237Century industry (PDF: 487KB)
2238JDC Corp. East Japan Division Tokyo Branch (PDF: 398KB)
2239Kadokura industry (PDF: 557KB)
2243KAJIMA CORPORATION Yokohama Branch (PDF: 653KB)
2247Like Kanagawa pipe office (PDF: 681KB)
2248NIPPO Kanagawa generalization office (PDF: 454KB)
2249Toyo Construction Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 526KB)
2253Taisei Corporation Yokohama Branch (PDF: 1,534KB)
2254TOA Corporation Yokohama Branch (PDF: 5,513KB)
2261Nippon Comsys Corp. Kohoku techno station (PDF: 442KB)
2262Koyo machine (PDF: 514KB)
2270KYOWANISSEI Kanagawa office (PDF: 353KB)
2273Kojima engineering firm (PDF: 713KB)
2275Fellow art Kanto Branch Yokohama Office (PDF: 339KB)
2285; impressed Kanagawa Office (PDF: 4,598KB)
2288Tokyo cough Sui Haym Kanagawa Branch (PDF: 573KB)
2295Kobai Gumi (PDF: 597KB)
2303The Tobishima Corporation metropolitan area construction branch (PDF: 610KB)
2502Toa Doro Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 429KB)
2527Panasonic Holmes Kanagawa branch office (PDF: 1,183KB)
2528Daisue Construction Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 399KB)
2529Taiyo Construction (PDF: 601KB)
2534Wakachiku Construction Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 553KB)
2601Zenitaka Corp. Tokyo branch office (PDF: 433KB)
2619MITSUBISHI ESTATE HOME Kanagawa Division (PDF: 1,262KB)
2625Ishida construction (PDF: 787KB)
2637ganhodate* (PDF: 364KB)
2638Tokiwa (PDF: 266KB)
2639Nissei Kensetsu (PDF: 335KB)
2640Iwano construction (PDF: 425KB)
2642Kanagawa Biken Kogyo (PDF: 1,166KB)
2646Great male construction (PDF: 300KB)
2647Daiwa House Industry Yokohama north branch office (PDF: 570KB)
2648Daiwa House Industry Yokohama branch office (PDF: 874KB)
2649The Toa Corp. East Japan building branch (PDF: 556KB)
2650Tokyu Construction Co.,Ltd. wooden construction architecture Division (PDF: 711KB)
2655NAKANO Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 490KB)
2657General Contractor Miki Gumi (PDF: 1,192KB)
2665Totetsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 749KB)
2666Futaba railroad industry (PDF: 1,000KB)
2667Umiyama (PDF: 372KB)
2671Tomorrow or foundation (PDF: 457KB)
2676nichihodate*kabushikikaisha (PDF: 799KB)
2704Mitsui Home Co.,Ltd. Kanagawa business headquarters construction Division (PDF: 671KB)
2722kabushikikaishashohokumi (PDF: 963KB)
2724San-ei Dengyo South Kanto Branch Yokohama branch office (PDF: 295KB)
2725The Seki total work (PDF: 4,514KB)
2726Great victory (PDF: 636KB)
2727The Daiwa House Industry Tokyo head office, main store (PDF: 8,480KB)
2729Kazakoshi construction (PDF: 1,347KB)
2730Fukuda Construction Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 695KB)
2745sankoshojikabushikikaisha (PDF: 651KB)
2746Seikitokyu Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Konan Office (PDF: 207KB)
2747Daito Trust Construction Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 1,171KB)
2749Watanabe Gumi (PDF: 717KB)
2750The best office Kanagawa area (PDF: 942KB) in Sumitomo Realty & Development Co.,Ltd. new construction double business headquarters
2755Miyamoto engineering works (PDF: 580KB)
2756Union construction Yokohama Branch (PDF: 765KB)
2775TLC Kanagawa unification office (PDF: 167KB)
2777Tama Home Yokohama Branch (PDF: 447KB)
2780TAISEI housing Yokohama Branch (PDF: 417KB)
2781Hitachi Urban investment (PDF: 556KB)
2782The MIRAI CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD MF business headquarters (engineering works) (PDF: 395KB)
2785Nankai Tatsumura Construction Tokyo Branch (PDF: 740KB)
2787Jay Peck Isogo company (PDF: 695KB)
2788MHI plant engineering & construction (PDF: 687KB)
2791Seikitokyu Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Yokohama Office (PDF: 185KB)
2793TSUCHIYA Tokyo branch office (PDF: 2,091KB)
2794Leopalace21 Corp. Yokohama Branch (PDF: 1,016KB)
2805kyaputi jutaku*bikojibushinnakawaju*koji center (PDF: 327KB) 
2808Ishii Kensetsu industry (PDF: 433KB)
2817Aono construction (PDF: 1,223KB)
2820Aoi industry (PDF: 619KB)
2832Auspicious purple clouds construction (PDF: 324KB)
2836North Sea industry (PDF: 490KB)
2839Fujita Doro metropolitan area Branch West Kanto Division (PDF: 163KB)
2840Takiguchi encouragement of new industry (PDF: 496KB)
2843Ichiken Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Branch (PDF: 1,850KB)
2845Asai construction (PDF: 360KB)
2851Circle bi(PDF: 641KB)
2853Shimizu building life care (PDF: 616KB)
2855The Metropolitan expressway maintenance Kanagawa Namamugi office (PDF: 564KB)
2856City techno (PDF: 757KB)
2861F B S Miyama (PDF: 3,329KB)
2862Kikushima (PDF: 727KB)
2864Hiizu Sato Kanagawa Branch (PDF: 499KB)
2865Matuo Construction Tokyo Branch (PDF: 749KB)
2867Kandenko Co.,Ltd. South Kanto, Tokai Sales Division Kanagawa Branch (PDF: 361KB)
2872Muranaka Kensetsu Tokyo Branch (PDF: 397KB)
2873Takamatsu construction Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 584KB)
2874Sumitomo Realty & Development Co.,Ltd. apartment reform metropolitan area office (PDF: 1,119KB)
2885Misawa & Co. reform Kanagawa Branch (PDF: 674KB)
2887Encouragement of new industry (PDF: 645KB) in bag
2891SRC construction (PDF: 675KB)
2892Panasonic reform metropolitan area branch office Kanagawa sales department (PDF: 491KB)
2896Village of Oka (PDF: 634KB)
2897Kumakiri (PDF: 1,481KB)
2898Tokyu Community reform Division construction Management Department (PDF: 334KB)
2899Meiwa Komuten (PDF: 303KB)
2902Sata Construction Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Branch (PDF: 299KB)
2905Soil Shida construction (PDF: 661KB)
2906Nara landscape gardening engineering works (PDF: 1,038KB)
2909The TOKYU CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd. urban development branch (PDF: 1,124KB)
2912Nagano engineering firm (PDF: 509KB)
2914bunanjukikyogyo (PDF: 351KB)
2915The Tokyu Construction Co.,Ltd. East Japan building branch (PDF: 536KB)
2916Kotobuki group (PDF: 442KB)
2917The Shimizu Corp. engineering business headquarters (PDF: 325KB)
2918chubachi (PDF: 504KB)
2921Nittetsu tex crimson Kimitsu Branch (PDF: 274KB)
2924The Fujita Corporation metropolitan area engineering works branch (PDF: 282KB)
2929Hitachi plant service (PDF: 444KB)
3050JFE conform (PDF: 347KB)
3101Suenaga group (PDF: 937KB)
3112Asunaro Aoki Construction Tokyo building main store (PDF: 1,318KB)
3693The Maeda Corp. Tokyo building branch (PDF: 782KB)
3750Traffic construction Kanagawa Branch (PDF: 654KB)
3783Aisawa Kogyo Tokyo Branch (PDF: 600KB)
3882Open house development construction Division (PDF: 754KB)
3908Yokohama general construction (PDF: 764KB)
5738House information building (PDF: 760KB)
7018The Keikyu Construction Corp. building headquarters (PDF: 792KB)
7019The Keikyu Construction Corp. engineering works headquarters (PDF: 788KB)
Nittetsu pipeline & engineering city gas Division (PDF: 387KB)
Iioka engineering firm (PDF: 285KB)
Ueda construction (PDF: 571KB)
JFE Sibyl Keihin office (PDF: 411KB)
Hajime Kensetsu Yokohama Office (PDF: 348KB)
Asano completion basics engineering construction Division (PDF: 3,309KB)
The P.S.Corporation Mitsubishi Tokyo engineering works branch (PDF: 386KB)
Marks (PDF: 417KB)
Yamada Holmes Kanagawa branch office (PDF: 615KB)
Mori-Gumi Tokyo Main Store (PDF: 858KB)
Kohnan construction Tokyo branch office (PDF: 441KB)
Sogo Kensetsu (PDF: 409KB)
Daito Trust Construction Co.,Ltd. Atsugi Branch (PDF: 798KB)
The Daiho Construction Co.,Ltd. Tokyo building branch (PDF: 2,688KB)
Daiwa Lease Yokohama Branch (PDF: 496KB)
Kiuchi Kensetsu Tokyo Branch (PDF: 6,460KB)
Mine industry (PDF: 363KB)

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