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About "we finish eating cooperation shop" business

Last update date June 9, 2020

"We finish eating cooperation shop" business

With "we finish eating cooperation shop"

mio of application receptionists

Do you originally know that "food loss" that is discarded though it is eaten occurs a lot in the country?
In Yokohama-shi, we work on promotion of lifestyle to value "meal" to accelerate approach of food loss reduction by approach from various cut ends.
Particularly, "we finish eating and, for food loss reduction at the time of eating out, are developed by cooperation shop" business while having cooperation of various places of company. We register restaurants which can work on reduction such as leftovers as cooperation shop and introduce on homepages.
When you are eaten out in Yokohama-shi, please use store which "finishes eating, and is registered with cooperation shop" as eco-activity to eat. You finish eating and can confirm registration store on cooperation shop homepage (the outside site).
In addition, "we finish eating and, in various places of company where meal is offered to in Yokohama-shi, look forward to registration to cooperation shop".

"We finish eating cooperation shop" business summary

[targeted for registration]
All of you who run restaurant, the accommodations in Yokohama-shi

[approach item of registration shop]
Registration store has you work than following one of five items.

Item and main approach example to have you work
Approach item Main approach example
Introduction such as menus in the bloom of the small Adjustment of quantity of rice, setting of menu in the bloom of the small, setting of half size menu
Correspondence to take-out applicant We give take-out on having explained expiry date and are installed take-out container
Appeal practice to reduce leftover Appeal of finishing eating, and being cooperation shop which calls for order adequately in order reception desk
Conduct of enlightenment activity for leftover reduction by notices such as posters Notice of poster and sticker which city made, notices such as flyers made in individual treatment
Invention to reduce leftover except the above If any unique approach is done other than the above, please let know.

[application submission of documents]
6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi the 23rd floor of the city hall
Pro-Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau business measures department wastes measures section

[on website following as for search of registration store and the online application]
Finish eating; cooperation shop homepage (the outside site) (external link)

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