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About harmful used apparatus (so-called miscellaneous articles scrap)

Last update date March 4, 2019

Electric electronic equipment which finished use was often traded as resources which were value, and it was difficult to demand appropriate management by regulation as refuse to date. However, on the other hand, appropriate management is demanded because trouble in living environment maintenance such as fires by the non-appropriate handling occurs.
Therefore, 32 items of used electronic equipment is appointed as harmful used apparatus from April 1, 2018 by revision of method of waste disposal, and report, the observance of standard about storage, disposal will be required in company dealing with them.

What is 1 harmful used apparatus (so-called miscellaneous articles scrap)?

[Ministry of the Environment] About revision and matsurigotoshoreiaratamesei of method of waste disposal ... so-called miscellaneous articles scrap measures ... (PDF: 3,986KB)

2 application styles

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Lists of styles such as applications
Names such as application styles Application style (Word) Application style (PDF)
Guidelines, application mention example Guidelines, application mention example (PDF: 2,897KB)
Registration form such as storage Registration form (word: 19KB) such as storage Registration form (PDF: 196KB) such as storage
Change registration form Change registration form (word: 16KB) Change registration form (PDF: 149KB)
The abolition registration form The abolition registration form (word: 15KB) The abolition registration form (PDF: 143KB)

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