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Katabira River

Last update date January 29, 2019

What kind of river is 1 Katabira River?

It is 17km in total length to flow into Tokyo Bay (Yokohama Port) through Hodogaya Ward and Nishi Ward that Katabira River begins in Wakabadai, Asahi-ku (one of the source) and runs side by side with Soutetsu Line through the center of Asahi Ward finally, the second grade river of basin 57.9 square kilometers in area.

As for the details, please see page of Road and Highway Bureau river management section.

2 Katabira River environment learning

From thought to want you to value as river of hometown wanting to have children know Katabira River drifting to the center of Asahi Ward and to come to like, we collaborate with NPO corporation Kodomo Natural Park mud club (the outside site) and nonprofit foundation Hodogaya corporation fair (the outside site) Asahi branch office alliance fair and, targeting at primary schoolchildren in ward, carry out "Katabira River environment learning".

Display of 3 water tanks

Katabira River is river flowing through the center of Asahi Ward.
It is very imminent river, many creatures inhabit, and do you know that it is river with rich diversity for inhabitants of a ward?
Many creatures including sweetfish and gibachi, corbicula and Sawa queen crab live in Katabira River including dace and loach.
When you actually look at creature living in such a Katabira River and can know, we install water tank in the first floor of the ward office!

In front of the first floor of the Asahi Ward government office Main Building information dispatch section

Image of water tank display place
Water tank display place

Display contents
Creature which lives in Katabira River
(creature displayed by time changes)

Photograph of water tank
Water tank

We display sweetfishes!
We can look at sweetfish from "Suidobashi" of the back of bus terminal of Tsurugamine Station where fishway is maintained
(we cannot sometimes see by time)

Photograph of sweetfish which there is in water tank
Sweetfish which there is in water tank

Everybody of "meeting of river that waterside protection society Katabira River falls" manages water tank including changing water and maintenance of the quality of the water.

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