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2020.2021 nembanasahikubenricho "sansan guide"

Last update date March 5, 2020

We issued 2020.2021 nembanasahikubenricho "sansan guide"

Image of cover for sansan guide 2020.2021 years for

"sansan guide" distributes around moved to Asahi Ward newly.
We collected information such as various facilities of Asahi Ward, various services. You keep at hand, and please inflect.
※This booklet has a limit to the number of copies. Distribution will be finished as soon as it disappears.
In addition, please note that you are not doing all houses distribution.

[distribution place]
Public Relations Section (the first floor of the ward office first)
Futamatagawa Station service counter in the city hall

It is for downloading
All pages (PDF: 33,186KB) All 40 pages
Cover, back cover (PDF: 2,655KB) (back cover) Special dish introduction of ASAHI
From P2 P5 (PDF: 4,928KB) Table of contents, Asahisansan(sansan)
From P6 P13 (PDF: 6,846KB) Spot introduction, compendium of seasonal words in wards of ZOORASIA
From P14 P21 (PDF: 4,094KB) Service introduction of ward office
From P22 P29 (PDF: 5,109KB) Introduction (sports facility, culture facility, district center, community care plaza) of facility in ward
From P30 P39 (PDF: 6,886KB) To various lists of inquiries, disasters possess, introduction (English) of ward, ward office guidance
Binding in the middle appendix (PDF: 5,866KB) Bus map in ward

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