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Last update date June 18, 2020

ASAHI native forest support special site

To child of Asahi Ward and the families

We think that there is home holding anxiety and stress while various limitations are performed by prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease.
When it was awkward that we are troubled with child care in "child, child care support special site", we place information that it is at time that parent and child can spend in good health in introduction and house of window where we can talk about problem in home with at any time. At first, please feel free to contact until child, home support consultation (045-954-6160) without holding alone when we are troubled with time when it was awkward that we are troubled with child care and problem in home.

We talk with information about child until 18 years old from all over the pregnancy

Various classrooms and business, guidance, distribution information about Check ups for Infants and Toddlers

・Baby food classroom, infants eating habits health consultation (during making)

Contents for child

Yokohama-shi intellect tsu tokujoho

Other intellect tsu tokujoho

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Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

Telephone: 045-954-6151

Telephone: 045-954-6151

Fax: 045-951-4683

E-Mail address [email protected]

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