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Approach of green leaves 6 university cooperation business 2020

We make use of strength with six universities in Aoba Ward in ward and aim at by doing Aoba Ward and cooperation of six universities more thickly, improving satisfaction of inhabitant of a ward from various aspects such as disaster, health, culture and conclude 6 University and agreement in Aoba Ward and push forward green leaves 6 University cooperation business.

Last update date June 4, 2020

We introduce approach of 2020 of green leaves 6 university cooperation business!

We are carrying out at green leaves 6 university! We introduce online courses

For new coronavirus measures, we introduce online courses that green leaves 6 University releases to green leaves inhabitants of a ward refraining from going out free.
Do you not take course of green leaves 6 university at home?
About course contents of each university, please confirm from URL.

Seisa University

All energy! Learn SEISA; channel

Even if "attending school is limited, learning is not limited!"
Teachers of hoshi* challenge with every effort; learn, and is made.
"That which learned was connected of subject although being a pleasure to learn".
In hoshi*, it looks like it; original; learn, and value the making of environment.
In addition, a part of the video releases in a certain characteristic "seminar class" to have you know atmosphere of school building.
We are delivering class of university free. Please utilize everybody.
"All energy! SEISA we learn channel" (the outside site)

Toin University of Yokohama

We are delivering Toin online course free!

Until May original by online course to be able to learn at home in Toin school transition center was going to deliver, but extend period because of favorable reception from the second week in June to the end of July, and free, will deliver.
In on-line delivery lecture by our university's teachers and on-demand with Youtube channel course is released at any time, too.
We can have participation, reading free both. Please confirm the details from the following URL. (the outside site)
※Online delivery course needs prior application.

Nippon Sport Science University

We are delivering course about mental and physical health care!

With expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease, opportunity of going out decreases, and there may be much becoming lack of exercise.
We deliver various courses that mental and physical health care relates to. Please practice!

The "Nippon Sport Science Univ. health promotion exercise" Professor Ryosuke Miyake supervision (the outside site)

"10 psychological measures of new coronavirus infectious disease in athlete" (the outside site)

"Training video (upper body Ver.) to drive with toresensutaffu" (the outside site)

Institute for "health care possible at home" Nippon Sport Science University physical education, general sports science research center cosponsorship uebina
※As seminar is held using Zoom, I would like prior registration. (the outside site)

We carry out local contribution activity by blue X 6 (aoroku)! 2020

aoroku activity plan

About activity plan of 2020, we update sequentially.
We are going to participate in cleaning activity and local activity.

We raise aorokumemba!

It recruits blue X 6 members at any time.
We wait for student who wants to work on contribution to society activity.
Contact information
Blue X 6 common address
[email protected]

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