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Green leaves inhabitant of a ward meeting

Last update date April 1, 2020

What is inhabitant of a ward meeting?

With inhabitant of a ward meeting, inhabitant of a ward to "want to make their towns to live in better by their hands" is place of talks between voluntary citizens who are independent, and organize, and run. Committee member constitution quite becomes recommendation from Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, recommendation from various groups, open call for participants for two years for term. From viewpoint of imminent civic life, inhabitant of a ward phase each other performs talks and shares problem that the local agreement formation and area hold, and inhabitant of a ward meeting is intended that we push forward town development.

Inhabitant of a ward meeting of Aoba Ward?

We reach the thirteenth sitting (from 2019 to 2020) now, and inhabitant of a ward meeting of Aoba Ward is divided into disaster prevention, anti-crime program, town development, nature, environment, health, the welfare, education and sectional meeting that we did, and each sectional meeting works lively.

Concrete activity content?

We hold "gathering of green leaves inhabitants of a ward", and inhabitant of a ward participates freely and provides place to talk about. In addition, we hold extension course or symposium a few times a year and talk about imminent theme of inhabitant of a ward including child care and town development with inhabitant of a ward. We settle opinion and request provided at "gathering of inhabitants of a ward" and symposium at inhabitant of a ward meeting and propose so that we are reflected by municipal administration.
We tell about activity content of green leaves inhabitant of a ward meeting on "inhabitant of a ward meeting news" (September, February we issue twice a year) and green leaves inhabitant of a ward meeting homepage.

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