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 We introduce inhabitant of a ward activity groups here. We can see event information or homepage (the outside site) that group hosts. On the use, please read Terms of Use (August 22, 2019 revision) by all means.

Last update date July 10, 2020

Registration group

List of groups
  Group name
(link to homepage)
Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Introduction Inquiry
1 Association of Aoba Ward physical education hiking department (the outside site) Sports     We aim at healthy longevity while enjoying walking. 080-1361-8787
2 aobapasokon bystreet (the outside site) Learning     We support your PC life. 045-961-0885
3 NPO corporation
Is local konyunitihausu fine (the outside site)?
The welfare Town development Hobby The care prevention of elderly person
We support hobby activity
We provide place planning interchange of local people
4 Meeting (the outside site) to enjoy opera Music     Fun discovery of opera!
As for you to opera friend
5 315 Tana shogi clubs Hobby     Do you not enjoy shogi, too?
We are participating from beginner to experienced person.
6 Yokohama Apple User Group
AoMac (the outside site)
Hobby     iPhone, iPad, Mac
Favorite meeting!
[email protected]
7 Meeting (the outside site) of gakushotomo Hobby     We polish the skill of entertainments such as rakugo and are shown entertainment although being a pleasure 090-5753-4704

List of registration groups (Excel: 11KB)
List of registration groups (PDF: 148KB)
※There is managerial responsibility of homepage of each linking group from list in each group.

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