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1% of your power in the future of green leaves!

Local, Aoba Ward supports that it is stepped forward one step while inhabitants of a ward making use of rich experience and knowledge for the future to continue being attractive town, and shining by oneself.

Last update date February 21, 2020

Ichigao use project

Human resources and junior and senior high school students working in area carry out experience-based activity to promote young society participation in planning by collaboration.

The details are this → NPO corporation-cho and school nomirai HP (the outside site)

Green leaves de start seminar

We hold continuation seminar to learn the basics of beginning of activity in area and challenge that various human resources are new and support local, to play an active part.

Support such as companies in area

[announcement of cancellation]

It should be cancellation for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease about "the second carrier area company seminar" (the last presentation) that is scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 22.

We establish place of conduct and interchange, consultation of seminar and support company in area where we made use of past experience and knowledge in.

The details are this → Trout trout, Kannai future center HP (the outside site)

Flower dialogue green leaves

Through the making of place of dialogue (= talks) that a variety of people can gather, we carry out flower and program about green for the purpose of handing flower and rich environment filled with greenery in the future.

The details are this → NPO corporation forest nooto HP (the outside site)

Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center

In Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center (Aoba Ward the first floor of the government office), we are consulted about help to activate activity and various people and groups, coordinates to tie activity, people who want to begin anything now. Information about local group and activity is varied, too! Please inflect for meeting and interchange between groups.

The details are this → Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center HP

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Telephone: 045-978-2286

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